Reasons Why the Production Team for the Late Sulli’s Documentary Enraged Netizens

Two days have gone by since the documentary about the late Sulli aired, and it is still the hottest topic. Yesterday, the day after the broadcast, Sulli’s ex-boyfriend Choiza became the new target of witchhunt when the documentary “unwittingly” pointed the finger at him. And today, netizens are infuriated as it became clear that what the production team wanted with the documentary was nothing more than “attention.”

On Sept. 11, journalist Wi Geun Woo pointed out the hypocrisy of Why Was Sulli Uncomfortable? He wrote, “Ahn Jin Young was the one who brought back Sulli’s past curse in Chinese during the broadcast, and Kim Ji Hyun publically criticized Sulli for her ‘misbehavior’ during an interview.” These mentioned journalists appeared on the documentary and talked about Sulli (mostly praising Sulli and feeling sad about having this interview).

He then added, “And MBC, you guys reported Sulli’s SNS stories, stage attitude, and more on your morning news. Were these topics something that needed to be covered on the news?” He finished by writing, “So I guess this documentary is not for the deceased but for your own alibi?”

Credit: Instagram
Credit: Instagram

Then on Sept. 12, another writing was posted on online communities, shocking everyone.

Claiming to be the late Sulli’s 15-year friend, she wrote, “I’m surprised, bitter and sad about how you can still say something like that. Jin Ri (Sulli’s real name) used to call you all the time to tell you what happened during the day like she was talking to her bff.”

She then continued, “But just after she turned 18, she asked me if mothers save money for their daughters’ future. When I answered, ‘mostly yes,’ she said, ‘I worked since I was in elementary school and my mother was in charge of all the incomes, and when I asked her, she had nothing saved.’ And this wasn’t the end. You even got an advance from her company.”

“I remember what you said to Jin Ri when she asked you where you used it and how you can so easily spend all the money she worked so hard to get. I’m sure you remember, too,“ she added, saying that the reason she cut all ties with Sulli was because Sulli said she would handle her own money.

She also wrote, “What was this show for? Why did you release her diary? Was this really for Jin Ri? Those who had interviews as Sulli’s acquaintances, were they really there to honor Sulli hoping that people would remember her?” She finished by saying, “Stop here. Please don’t use Jin Ri anymore.”

Credit: online community

After seeing these two posts, netizens were enraged by the fact that what the production team and the producer wanted with the documentary was attention and popularity.

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