Get Ready for “Women’s Power” in Upcoming Movie ‘Samjin Company English Class’

Credit: Lotte Entertainment

The movie Samjin Company English Class (literal title), which drew attention with the casting of Go Ah Sung, Esom, and Park Hye Soo, has confirmed its release in October.

Samjin Company English Class depicts a story in which high school graduates who take TOEIC courses together join forces to dig into the company’s corruption.

In the recently released posters, you can feel the “women’s power.” The two posters show confident high school graduates dreaming of becoming career women in 1995.

Against the backdrop of 1995, the uniform of “Samjin Group,” which was worn by women who only graduated high school at the time, the 90s hairstyle and makeup raise questions about the 90s the girls faced.

The trailer released with the posters also catches the eyes with its retro-style music and unique opening scene.

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