Hwang Jung Eum Expresses Her Feelings of Finishing Two Dramas Back-to-Back

To All The Guys Who Loved Me ended with Seo Hyun Joo and Hwang Ji Woo’s happily ever after. The two broke the stereotype of “the end of love is marriage,” and cheered each other’s happiness by holding a “single wedding.” Hwang Jung Eun once again presented “Hwang Jung Eum’s Romantic Comedy” by portraying a wide range of romance from heartbreaking romance as she went back and forth between the past life and the present life to heart-fluttering romance.

Hwang Jung Eum, who worked on two projects, Mystic Pop-Up Bar and To All The Guys Who Loved Me, back-to-back, expressed her feelings through a written interview.

Credit: JTBC, KBS

Q1. How do you feel about finishing two dramas?

Since Mystic Pop-Up Bar was pre-produced, it was filmed in winter and aired in spring. And as soon as it was over, To All The Guys Who Loved Me was aired, so I got to greet the viewers after a short break. I am happy that both Mystic Pop-Up Bar, which tells the joys and sorrows of life and the stories of people, and To All The Guys Who Loved Me, which tells the story of love that everyone must have pondered over at least once, non-marriage, and past life, received love for their different charms and came to a solid finish. I sincerely thank the viewers for loving and caring for the two works. My roles in the two works were both active characters who make outspoken comments, so I got to have more fun filming.


Q2. Is there any particular reason for choosing two works that deal with past life?

I chose them because I thought the material was fresh as I read the script. Mystic Pop-Up Bar had a fresh material of relieving customers’ resentment in their dreams and showed “good triumphing over the evil” story that everyone can enjoy. The subject of fate over the “three lives” in To All The Guys Who Loved Me was also refreshing.

Credit: JTBC

Q3. If season 2 of Mystic Pop-Up Bar is produced, is there any story you want?

I hope to see Wol Joo living with Chief Gwi and Kang Bae after relieving 500 years of resentment and the stories of new customers.


Q4. What is a romantic comedy to Hwang Jung Eum?

Thankfully, viewers sympathize with my acting. I know that they like the comfortable and sympathetic side, so I try to perform as realistic as possible. Also, I try not to act funny because it is a romantic comedy, but I try to perform sincerely. And because my heartful performances come out funny depending on the situation, they seem to be more amusing when aired.

Credit: KBS

Q5. How satisfied are you in your work and love?

I tend to look at the world positively. I often think that I am happy that I can continue to work with good people on good works. Because I can act on the scene and portray great characters, I’m really grateful for this job.


Q6. Future plans and goals for 2020.

There are no fixed plans. Since I worked on two projects back-to-back, I will take time to recharge myself and greet you with improved looks. I will come back with good acting and works so that many people can see me and cheer up.

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