Heart-Fluttering Romance of “Younger Men” in Korean Dramas

The females viewers’ hearts are heading back to romance with “younger men.” Actors like Ki Do Hoon and Koo Ja Sung are catching viewers’ attention with their “younger men” characters.

In Once Again, Ki Do Hoon is heralding a romantic relationship with Oh Yoon Ah. Playing a role in his early 20s, he approaches Oh Yoon Ah, a single mother who raises her teenage son in the play, and captivating the viewers by present heart-fluttering moments. Thanks to this, Ki Do Hoon is receiving the most attention since his debut in 2015. In fact, Oh Yoon Ah, who is 15 years older than him, once said, “(The age difference) is burdensome, but writer Yang Hee Seung made it well.“

Koo Ja Sung is also making his name known three years after his debut. In Was It Love?, he shows off his affectionate and romantic charms as he competes fiercely with Son Ho Jun, Song Jong Ho, and Kim Min Joon to win his first love and crush, Song Ji Hyo. The more he shows his “one and only“ love for Song Ji Hyo, a growing number of viewers are hoping for a happy ending between the two.

Seo Ji Hoon is currently working with Hwang Jung Eum, who is 12 years older than him in drama To All The Guys Who Loved Me. He is stealing the hearts of female viewers by approaching the woman, who he grew up with and had a crush on for the past 10 years, as a man. Not only does he confess his love straightforwardly, but he also shows his trustworthy side in times of crisis.

In Oh My Baby, which ended on July 2, Jung Gun Joo caught the eyes of female viewers with his “straight forward” romance towards Jang Na Ra, who is 14 years older. Especially, the scene where he kisses Jang Na Ra after thinking that she too has a feeling for him made the viewers’ hearts flutter.

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