Shin Hyun Joon’s Former Manager Discloses the Actor’s “Gapjil” vs. ‘Omniscient Interfering View’ Manager Stands Up for the Actor

Credit: KBS

Amid controversy over actor Shin Hyun Joon‘s power abuse, Shin Hyun Joon’s label made their official position that it’s a malicious disclosure.

On July 13, Shin Hyun Joon’s former manager Kim told Sports Today that during the 13 years of working for him, he even thought about “death” due to the actor’s gapjil (power abuse).

According to him, Shin Hyun Joon always had something to complain about his managers, and therefore frequently replaced them. He also added that the actor didn’t hesitate to use swear words and curse these managers. Kim also revealed Shin Hyun Joon’s mother’s gapjil. Not only did she make him run errands for her, but she also insisted that he report Shin Hyun Joon’s work to her.

In response, Lee Kwan Yong, the head of HJ Film (Shin Hyun Joon’s label) and the manager who appeared on MBC’s Omniscient Interfering View along with the actor, revealed that “some of it may be true but most of it all lies.” He said, “It is true that Shin Hyun Joon used some ‘tough’ words to him, but you need to keep in mind that they were good friends. I think he is maliciously twisting friendly expressions that were used between them.”

Credit: MBC

The two sides are making two conflicting claims. However, some are paying attention to the fact that Shin Hyun Joon’s previous manager Jang, sued Shin Hyun Joon for assault. Although the case concluded with Jang’s withdrawal, people say that what Kim said might not be entirely false, as Shin Hyun Joon claims.

Recently, the actor decided to join KBS2’s The Return of Superman and already finished his shooting for the first episode. Now, keen attention is being focused on how the controversy would resolve.

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