The Discord Between BOL4 Is Still Ongoing

Credit: Ahn Ji Young Instagram

The conflict between BOL4 (Ahn Ji Young and former member Woo Ji Yoon) seems ongoing.

Previously on July 3, Ahn Ji Young’s decision to unfollow Woo Ji Yoo made headlines. In response, she later gave an explanation.

She said, “I’ve read the lyrics of Woo Ji Yoon’s ‘Dodo’ over and over again. Regardless of the intention, I had a hard time since it was clearly about me. In the 36-second song, the lyrics like ‘you pushed me away,’ ‘gaslighting, and’ ‘self-justification.’ I am getting counseling every week and suffering from depression. I couldn’t stand it anymore, so that’s why I unfollowed her.”

Credit: Ahn Ji Young Instagram

However, the very next day, Woo Ji Yoon also stated her position through her Instagram.

She wrote, “The reason I haven’t said anything in the meantime is because I didn’t want to hurt people who care about me with another issue that starts from my words. But on second thought, it reminded me of how I always regretted all the damages I got for not speaking up.”

She then went on to say, “First of all, as you all know, the biggest reason I left BOL4 was because I had concerns about my career. However, I wanted to leave the team after the concert to wrap things up nice and clean. Yet, she (Ahn Ji Young) expressed her will to break things up more quickly, and I left the team faster than I thought.”

Credit: Woo Ji Yoon Instagram

Later the same day, Ahn Ji Young left anohter update on her Instgram.

“At first, I was hurt when I found out that she (Woo Ji Yoon) wanted to quit BOL4 from the company, not herself.

We indeed tried to continue our promotions, including our BOL4 concert, even after she decided to leave the group. However, a decision had already been made, so I did not want to waste our potentially final album by working on it without sincerity. Instead, I told her that it was better to wrap up the activity when she had decided to leave, and she agreed to it.

I do not want the public to misunderstand our relationship. So, from now on, I would like to refrain from talking about our story.”

In the end, she added, “I thought we could have resolved this issue between us, so it pains me that we’ve had to come to this. If you think that there’s more to say, please do not ignore my calls and call me.”

Credit: Ahn Ji Young Instagram

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