‘Running Man’ Production Team Made a Tough Decision a Week After Jeon So Min’s Return

SBS’s Running Man is suffering from malicious comments again.

Recently, SBS’s Running Man changed the form of the viewers’ bulletin boards on its official website. The production team wrote, “We have changed the viewers’ bulletin board setting into private due to abusive language, excessive slander, and impersonation of the cast. We ask for your understanding.”

Credit: Running Man Website

On May 31, Jeon So Min returned after taking a break for about 2 months due to health issues. The fans and other members waited for her return, occasionally delivering her recent updates.

However, the day after her return, Jeon So Min publically stated that some people were impersonating her. In addition, Jeon So Min’s brother previously released malicious comments he received from overseas fans. At the same time, it was reported that some fans have been continuously writing hate comments to the new members, Yang Se Chan and Jeon So Min.

Credit: SBS

Naturally, the production team of Running Man made a decision as slanders against Jeon So Min has gone over the line. The “talk room” function, which pops up when you search the name ‘Running Man’ on NAVER, has also been abolished.

Meanwhile, Jeon So Min returned to her healthy self and showed off her sense of comedy just like before, drawing attention.

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  • I don’t understand the hate for them? Don’t they bring more energy to a beloved show. Somin brings double the trouble when she teams up with Lee Kwang Soo and Sechan is a good trickster as well where it is unexpected he is the one behind the scenes. I really like the additions of them into RM and hope they just try to ignore the hate comments and enjoy being with the rest of the crew.👍👍

  • Somin actually saved the show for me. They should just shut down the show if those narrow minded “fans” continue harassing them.

  • whyyyyyyyyyy ????? why did they hate se chan and so min sm ? i rlly not understand, they did nothing wrong in the show, man can yall keep respecting their work in the show, pls, be matured as we a r as human adult being, just shut up haters, if u rlly hate them sm, just change to another channel, ez

  • Whatever they are facing, they should know that there are people that still love both of Se Chan and So Min even if it’s just a minority. Keep up improving for RM and never back down to those hate comments. ❤️

  • You.. Narrow minded fans.. BACK OFF!!!!!

  • We have different opinions about them joining the show. Running man is always running before they joined the cast. I am beginning to like somin and sechan now. If you love running man just support the show. Don’t question why others hate them. We have different point of view: either you love or hate them joining the show doesn’t matter. Just show your support to the variety show.

    Running man is running man from the start. No one saves the show because all the members are deserving to be there. Even the old members always saving the show by their efforts. ♥️♥️♥️♥️


  • People need to stop hating…I love running man whatever the concept may be or whoever they wish to add… the new addition of Somin and Se Chan balances out running man well… they are all hilarious! If you have nothing good to say and you’re gonna throw so much hate then don’t watch it.. don’t ruin it for fans like me in the US that has to wait a week to be able to watch new episodes..I don’t want to see them decide to stop filming because of all the loser haters!

  • I really love Somin i admire her for being herself when she smile on camera she capture my attention…so please let her be in Runningman and to all Members i really love how to take care each other. Keep it up RunningMan 💞💋😘 from Philippines

  • What is their problem ? They may not be sc and sm fan but it doesnt mean they can slanders talk bad thing, abusive etc abt others. No members are perfect but they compliment each others, that makes RUNNING MAN stay long until now. just respect each others and enjoy the show…

  • Some peoole just don’t learn. Like,come on!! It’s a life of a person you are hating about. Sometimes I don’t understand those haters.Such narrow minded.
    It’s been not a long time since I’ve started watching Running Man. It’s very entertaining and I love all the cast members.. If there is a bias then it would be Somin. Shut wish just THERE doing her own things and making someone like me smile and laugh.
    And if the haters doesn’t know.. It’s an entertainment program, there’s nothing to hate about. You may like Running Man, like a particular cast but hate one of the cast at the same time, you’re not respecting Running Man.
    I just hope the haters would stop doing such low activities.

  • SoMin is quirky and totally chaotic which is a gem in a variety like this, while SeChan the gagman has impressed me times and times again, especially when he got the role as a spy, he’s surprisingly really good when taking that role..

  • I don’t understand these ‘haters’ … why? They must have such miserable lives otherwise, who has time & energy to be so nosy(?) … gossip mongers! THE TONGUE IS THE SLY MURDER WEAPON. How many lives have they induced to commit suicide and, how many have they ruined? GET A LIFE, HATERS!@@

  • Those haters deserved it. They don’t realize what will be the outcome of what they’re hating a person with no clue what he/she have done mistakes. This cast jeon so min and yan se chan have done great in the variety show. Why not give them a break and stop hating them. Im a fan of both song ji ho and jeon so min. I love them both. So please to all haters stop it already our world now is in chaos and you’re not helping.

      • Mostly the international fans are going overboard. Like on official IG account of running man you can see lots of abusive comments.

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