Rediscovery of Yoo Tae Oh and Ahn Bo Hyun – The Charming Villains

The villains are as important as the main characters in a drama. Depending on how charming the villain is depicted, the story becomes rich and the main character stands out even more. With their solid acting prowess, there are actors who created attractive villains and earned favorable reviews in their recent works.

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One of the best thing to come out of Money Game, which aired its finale on March 5, is actor Yoo Tae Oh. In a drama about a financial scandal, Yoo plays the role of Eugene Han, a cold-blooded “financial villain” who comes to Korea as a Wall Street representative to make huge sum of money. In the final episode, Eugene Han overcomes his trauma of his poor childhood that has plagued his entire life and rediscovers his true identity after hearing Lee Hye Joon say, “You are a person, not an accessory that belongs somewhere.”

In the drama, Yoo provokes the trauma caused by IMF and shakes the Korean economy. After personally watching his mother’s hard immigrant life since he was a child, his whole life revolves around money. Yoo, however, earned the nicknames such as “sexy villain” and “human Wall Street” by presenting a new charm with his pursuit of Lee Hye Joon.

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Ahn Bo hyun is currently playing the role of Jang Geun Won, the eldest son of Jang famliy, in JTBC’s Itaewon Class, and is said to have opened a whole new chapter of a villain character. Jang Geun Won is the one who pushed Park Sae Roy, who lived his life by his belief, into a bottomless pit. Jang killed Park’s father in a hit-and-run car accident, which is then covered up by his father Jang Dae Hee, the head of the Jangga.

He is a scoundrel from a good family, but he is also a lonely character who longs for affection. From the nasty look that he gives to the weak to the scared look that he shows in front of his father, Ahn’s performance make the audience feel sorry for him beyond anger. In particular, the scene where the actor shed tears from the betrayal of his father, the only person he ever wanted to be loved, impressed the viewers for sure.

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