Actor Kim Dong Wook Returns as a National Anchor for ‘Find Me in Your Memory’

Actor Kim Dong Wook, who played a former judo player and a labor supervisor of the Ministry of Employment and Labor (MOEL) for his previous work, transforms to a next-generation an anchorman. Kim Dong Wook will meet with viewers as Lee Jung Hoon, an anchorman with excess memory syndrome, also known as hyperthymesia, in the upcoming drama, Find Me in Your Memory.

Credit: MBC

Find Me in Your Memory, set to premiere on March 18, depicts a romance between anchorman Lee Jung Hoon, who remembers all 8,760 hours of a year from hyperthymesia, and rising-star Yeo Ha Jin, who lives every day passionately. Kim Dong Wook, Moon Ga Young, writer Kim Yoon Joo and director Oh Hyun Jong have come together to hit the small screen in the first half of 2020.

In the teaser trailer released earlier, Kim showed a completely different atmosphere from his previous work. To this, Kim answered, “I lost about 14 kilograms for the character of Lee Jung Hoon,” drawing surprise. “I go into weight control if I and the staff, including director and writer, decide that it is better for the character to make changes in my appearance,” he said, proving his unusual affection and agony in creating a new role.

Kim won the 2019 MBC Award for Best Actor for his previous character, Jo Jang Poong. “I was able win the award thanks to the people who cheered me no matter what and the people who supported me with fresh interest,” he said. “I have enjoyed the moment well enough so now I’ll show my best through various works to not disappoint my fans,” he added, expressing his determination for his new work.

Credit: MBC

Kim’s efforts doesn’t just stop with his external changes. “There are actually quite a few anchorman about my age. Since Jung Hoon is not that old, I am practicing by watching these anchors. Also, I completed the role by looking into the newscast of famous anchorman in his youth,”Kim commented. “I practiced with the actual script used in the news and asked for advice from a real anchorman by showing them my recordings.”

He also praised his partner, Moon Ga Young. “She is always energetic. She has excellent patience, will power and stamina. Not to mention her amazing acting prowess. I am grateful to meet such good colleague,” he added, raising expectations for the chemistry the two.

Find Me in Your Memory will premiere at 8:55 p.m. on March 18 KST.

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