Lee Dong Wook & Ivy Deny Being Part of Shincheonji

Rumors on March 3rd revealed that two celebrities, Lee Dong Wook and Ivy, were associated with Shincheonji, the religious organization at the center of the Coronavirus outbreak in the city of Daegu.

The two celebrities both denied any association with the religious group, each making a statement against the rumors that were being spread.

Ivy took to her personal Instagram by saying, “I can’t even laugh at this situation, because it is beyond ridiculous. Be careful of fake tabloids and false rumors. It’s a world where these false claims go unchallenged”. However, since the upload, she has deleted the post.

Lee Dong Wook’s agency King Kong by Starship also took the initiative on making a statement saying, “We recently found out that our label artist was connected to a certain religious organization in rumors that were being spread. This is false, and we’ll be taking legal action against the spread of these rumors, malicious slander, and defamation of character.”



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