Hard Work and Talent Really Does Pay Off, Because Chungha Has Now Completely Settled Her Family Debt

In a recent interview, Chungha revealed her monthly allowance and the amazing news of her completely settling her family debt.

Chungha stated that after all the success she has received from being a member of I.O.I and a solo artist, she has finally settled her family debt and even got her mom a new designer bag for Christmas since her mother never uses the money given to her. She then revealed that her monthly allowance was 500,000 won ($448 USD) and it was given to her (by her mom who manages her earnings) to use when going out to munch on some late night snacks with her dancers or when going to cafes.

The singer also spoke about how she would love to go on a trip to Japan’s hot springs with her mom when she has the opportunity to do so, since she has never been on a trip with her mom before and her mom has been wanting to go.

It seems that not only is Chungha a talented individual, but a filial daughter as well! A true queen.



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