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    B.O.Y’s Song Yuvin Does a Good Deed for Children in Need

    Song Yuvin, a member of the male duo B.O.Y, donated masks for underprivileged children. According to The Music Works, “After the end of the ‘live clip’ special event for his solo track ‘Through Love,’ Song Yuvin donated masks through the Green Umbrella Children’s Foundation.” Last month, Song Yuvin hosted a donation event with the Kyowon […] More

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    B.O.Y Announces Mid-September Comeback + Shows Off Dazzling Visuals in Teasers

    B.O.Y has announced a September comeback! Various teaser images were released through official social media platforms and raised expectations of their fans. B.O.Y last made their comeback in January with mini-album ‘Phase One : You.’ This month, the duo will release their second mini-album ‘Phase One: WE.’ Members Kim Kookeon and Song Yuvin drew in […] More