8 Korean Celebrity Couples That Didn’t Confirm or Deny Being Together

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Credit: Marie Claire, HYBE, YG Entertainment, iMBC

Celebrities live under the spotlight, but when it comes to love, some prefer privacy. This list explores rumored celebrity couples who keep their relationships under wraps, offering a peek into their private lives and the intrigue surrounding their secret love stories.

Park Seo Joon and Xooos
Credit: Awesome Entertainment, WAYV

Dating rumors swirled around Park Seo Joon and YouTuber Xooos last year, but his agency Awesome Entertainment stayed silent, saying it’s his personal life. Even when asked directly at his Concrete Utopia press conference, Park Seo Joon politely declined to comment, saying he prefers to keep his personal life private.

Credit: Online Communities
Credit:Jenny, Xooos Instagram

Rumors began circulating in 2023 when Park Seo Joon and YouTuber Xooos were spotted wearing matching sneakers during a London trip. Photos of them together fueled the fire, and the plot thickened when Xooos was pictured alongside Jennie, who had been rumored to be dating his close friend V of BTS. While neither star ever confirmed or denied it, the whispers lingered, leaving fans to wonder if there was more to this story.

BTS’s V and Jennie
Credit: iMBC

BTS’s V also heated up the online world last year with dating rumors with Jennie. Though breakup rumors surfaced even before the couple ever confirmed their relationship, neither the couple nor their agencies have addressed the rumors.

Dating rumors sparked for V and Jennie in May 2022 with sightings and photos online. Photos of them holding hands in Paris intensified rumors, but neither of them confirmed or denied their relationship. Now, whispers of a split swirl, with V’s military service being a possible reason.

Lisa and Frédéric Arnault
Credit: Instagram

BLACKPINK member Lisa was recently spotted enjoying a beach vacation in Miami, Florida with her boyfriend, Frédéric Arnault, and his family. According to various media outlets, Lisa and Arnault, the fourth son of LVMH Moët Hennessy chairman Bernard Arnault, were seen at the beach together. Lisa was also reportedly joined by Arnault’s older brother and his wife on vacation.

Lisa and Arnault have been dogged by dating rumors for some time, but have never officially confirmed their relationship. However, they have been frequently seen together in Thailand, the United States, and France. This latest sighting of Lisa vacationing with Arnault’s family suggests that their relationship is going strong.

Credit: News1

Dating rumors swirled around MAMAMOO’s Hwasa last year. Reports claimed she’d been seeing a businessman 12 years her senior for five years, with Hwasa supposedly making the first move. However, getting an answer was tricky as Hwasa’s contract with RBW had just expired.

But soon after, Hwasa signed with P NATION and they briefly addressed the rumors, saying, “This is a personal matter.” While Hwasa stayed silent, some saw P NATION’s response as a subtle nod to her relationship. They reasoned that mentioning “personal matter” meant respecting Hwasa’s privacy choice.

HyunA and Yong Junhyung
Credit: OSEN, HyunA’s Instagram

HyunA confirmed her romance with Yong Junhyung online, sparking debate due to his past controversies related to the Burning Sun club incident. He admitted to receiving an illegal video from the club in 2015, apologized, and left Highlight.

Despite the controversy surrounding their relationship, the couple was spotted enjoying a date at a department store in Gangnam, Seoul. They were reportedly seen comfortably browsing the store and holding hands without paying attention to the people around them.

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HyunA’s agency stated that it was difficult to confirm the relationship as it was a “personal matter.” However, Yong Junhyung acknowledged the relationship on a paid fan communication platform, saying, “I’m sure you were surprised by the sudden news. We are getting along well while receiving positive energy from each other, so I hope you will watch over us with kind eyes.” This drew further attention to the situation.

Lee Kang In and April’s Lee Naeun
Credit: NAMU Actors, KFA

The dating rumors between April member Lee Naeun and soccer player Lee Kang In sparked heated public interest as the first major dating scandal of 2024.

Photos of the two masked and dating in an underground parking lot were captured and circulated online. Lee Naeun’s agency responded with a brief statement, “They are just friends,” while Lee Kang In’s South Korean management team said, “It is a personal matter, and we have nothing to say.” The public’s attention continued as they didn’t confirm or deny the rumors. Speculations about their relationship intensified as various online communities shared photos of their alleged couple items and eyewitness accounts of them together in Bali.

Seol Young Woo and April’s Yang Yena
Credit: Yena and Seol Young Woo Instagrams

Two days after the Lee Kang In and Naeun’s dating rumors surfaced, romantic speculations involving Seol Young Woo and Yang Yena arose. Online communities pointed out the two were spotted wearing seemingly matching items like hats and phone cases. Seol Young Woo’s appearance on MBC’s Point of Omniscient Interfere further fueled the buzz as his soccer cleats were embroidered with “YENA.” Interestingly, sightings of Yang Yena attending Seol Young-woo’s games also emerged.

Credit: Online Communities
Credit: Online Communities

However, SpoTV News later revealed that both couples, including Lee Kang In and Seol Young Woo, had already broken up before these reports surfaced.

Credit: Twitter

Joshua‘s dating rumors with a non-celebrity surfaced in August. Online communities alleged that they wore matching items, had “lovestagram” moments and even lived together. However, Pledis Entertainment remained silent, neither confirming nor denying the rumors.

The lack of response from the agency further agitated the fandom. In particular, eyewitness accounts of the alleged girlfriend attending a SEVENTEEN concert in the VIP section fueled anger among fans. Fans pointed out that many fans were unable to attend the concert due to fierce ticketing war, and that the concert should be dedicated solely to the fans. On the other hand, some argued that Joshua’s personal life should not be subject to fan scrutiny, leading to heated debates within the fandom.

Credit: Online Communities
Credit: Online Communities

Amidst Joshua’s silence, some fans took extreme measures, sending trucks and a Porsche to protest in front of HYBE Corporation’s building. Public opinion remains divided, with some understanding the fans’ frustration while others criticizing their excessive actions. The controversy continues, with malicious comments targeting the non-celebrity girl also being reported.

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