Is Seventeen’s Joshua Dating a Model? Fans Speculate Over Social Media Clues

seventeen joshua girlfriend
seventeen joshua girlfriend
Credit: Twitter

Fans and online communities are abuzz with speculation surrounding Seventeen’s Joshua‘s potential romantic relationship with a model. The suspicions have been fueled by coinciding fashion choices that both Joshua and the model seem to sport, prompting many to wonder if these are matching items.

Social media is also playing a pivotal role in this fan investigation. Several posts imply that Joshua and the model might have shared romantic moments, hinting at dates and shared “Lovestagrams.”

Notably, chatter online suggests that Joshua might have spent Christmas with this alleged ‘girlfriend’ instead of interacting with fans on Weverse. Further fueling the speculations, a video with what is believed to be Joshua’s voice made its way online during the model’s birthday.

Reactions to these suggestions vary across the spectrum. While some laughed off the rumors, considering the previously unproven rumors, others debate a more sensitive point: the notion of Joshua potentially “showcasing his relationship subtly to fans,” a topic that often sparks controversy in the K-pop industry.

These are some of the comments: Joshua, were you in the arms of another girl while I couldn’t sleep because of you?” “I’m so livid right now after seeing the matching items. My phone wallpaper had been a Lovestagram with his gf…”

However, broader K-pop fans showed more unresponsive reactions: “Ths fans’ wording is so cringe,” “Seventeen fans already know they date,” “So many scandals these days,” etc.

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