Anticipation Builds for SEVENTEEN’s Version of ‘Youth Over Flowers’

seventeen na pd
seventeen na pd
Credit: YouTube “Channel Fullmoon”

Anticipation is brewing over whether SEVENTEEN’s version of Youth Over Flowers will come to fruition.

On episode 3-1 of “The Game Caterers 2 x SEVENTEEN,” aired on Youtube’s “Channel Fullmoon” on May 19th, SEVENTEEN engaged in a music quiz game for a chance to earn wish tickets.


From hair dryers to Producer Na Young Seok’s “Super” challenge and even the filming of Youth Over Flowers, SEVENTEEN members wrote down a variety of wishes. When only six out of sixty tickets had the boys’ wishes, DK, who placed third, drew the one that everyone wanted, “SEVENTEEN’s Youth Over Flowers.”

Na Young Seok and the production crew were shocked, looking up in disbelief. They made comments like, “We’d need a tour bus if all 13 members are to travel” and “We’ll have to discuss this with the company.”

However, some expressed their concerns about the feasibility of SEVENTEEN’s Youth Over Flowers. Their worries stem from Na Young Seok’s revelation during his appearance on webtoonist Lee Mal Nyeon’s YouTube channel “Calm Down Man” on May 12th, where he disclosed that “Channel Fullmoon” was operating at a loss. He humorously remarked, “It’s funny, even though we have many subscribers and decent view counts, when we reviewed last year’s balance sheet, we were in the red.”

Despite this, he assured that keeping promises was paramount, stirring anticipation. The “Game Caterers 2” featuring SEVENTEEN had recorded a staggering 6.78 million views on its most viewed episode, with an average of 4.29 million views, getting a massive response from viewers. There’s rising anticipation for another round of SEVENTEEN and Na Young Seok’s collaboration.

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