‘Sweet Home’ Director on Song Kang’s Reduced Screen Time and Lee Do Hyun Going Naked in Season 2

sweet home season 2 explained
sweet home season 2 explained
Credit: Netflix

Director Lee Eung Bok of Sweet Home Season 2 discussed the screen time and upcoming developments for Season 1 characters.

Unveiled on December 1st, Sweet Home 2 brings in fresh faces, including soldiers and new survivors living in a new shelter in the desolate city.

The latest season garnered diverse reviews; some viewers appreciated the inclusion of talented new actors, while others voiced disappointment over the reduced screen time of Song Kang and other Season 1 cast members.

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Credit: Netflix

In response, director Lee explained, “In Season 1, we primarily filmed indoors due to COVID. However, for Season 2, we made changes to the drama’s setting with the inclusion of new characters.”

Sharing why Song Kang had relatively less screen time in the new season, the director explained, “Hyun Su (Song Kang) discovers his power while contemplating letting go of himself in Season 2. As he seeks to understand the origin of his abilities, he discovers a greater, good-willed mind within himself. We wanted to portray him as a solitary hero figure rather than a courageous warrior fighting off monsters. Our goal was to make viewers wonder if he would return to rescue humans in the upcoming season, so we intentionally left some loose ends.”

Teasing the reunion of the Season 1 cast members in Season 3, the director said, “Many unanswered questions from Season 2 will be addressed in the next season, making every episode all the more thrilling as characters from Season 1 reunite.”

The second season ended with Lee Eun Hyuk (Lee Do Hyun) hatching out of a monster egg. Regarding the much-talked-about ending scene, the director said, “The person in that nude scene was not Do Hyun. It was a stunt double.” However, he added, “Lee Do Hyun will return in the third season,” hinting at his possible reunion with Eun Yoo (Go Min Si).

He then talked about Park Gyu Young, who played Yoon Ji Su, the character who died while Green Home survivors were heading to the safety camp. He shared, “I don’t think Park Gyu Young will be in Season 3 as she is too popular. I know it’s such a bummer.”

Sweet Home 3 will premiere in the summer of 2024.

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