‘Goodbye Earth’ Director Explains Yoo Ah In’s Casting in the Series

Goodbye Earth director Kim Jin Min

Goodbye Earth director Kim Jin Min opened up about his casting choices in a recent interview with SPOTV News on May 3rd. He specifically discussed why Yoo Ah In was chosen for the role of Yoon Sang, Jin Se Kyung’s (played by Ahn Eun Jin) boyfriend.

“I wanted someone Ahn Eun Jin would feel comfortable acting alongside since their characters are a couple,” he explained.

Yoo Ah In and Ahn Eun Jin both happened to be at the same talent agency. Director Kim, familiar with Yoo Ah In’s past collaboration with writer Jung Seo Kyung on Secret Affair, believed Yoo Ah In might be interested in Jung’s new script for Goodbye Earth. However, Kim also acknowledged that the drama didn’t solely revolve around Yoo Ah In’s character, so he wasn’t sure if the actor would be on board.

“I’d heard great things about Yoo Ah In’s acting approach,” Kim explained, “and I knew he’d be a supportive presence for Ahn Eun Jin. I felt they’d be comfortable working together, and luckily, Yoo Ah In responded positively to the idea.”

Kim continued, praising their on-set dynamic. “Honestly, I think Ahn Eun Jin might have struggled a bit without Yoo Ah In’s help. He was fantastic with her,” he said.

Reflecting on his casting choices, Kim explained, “I thought it was good casting at the time and I think I was excited then. In terms of acting alone, it was so perfect that I can’t express how satisfied I am.”

He added, “Yoo Ah In’s role is difficult to interpret. As a director, you want the actors to push boundaries when they act. I thought, ‘That’s what makes him a great actor,’ when I saw him acting. He brought a unique depth to the character, different from Ahn Eun Jin’s take. There were many moments when I understood why he was popular and won awards, so I think it was a good choice, he did a good job, and that’s how I felt at the end of the work.”

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Goodbye Earth is a Netflix series that tells the story of people living in chaos ahead of the predicted apocalypse, 200 days until the Earth and an asteroid collide. Yoo Ah In was embroiled in controversy after completing filming the series on charges of illegal drug use.

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