BTS Caught in Crossfire: ARMY Mobilizes Amidst HYBE and Min Hee Jin Conflict

bts bang si hyuk
bts bang si hyuk
Credit: GQ Korea

Amidst a protracted conflict between HYBE and ADOR CEO Min Hee Jin, the K-pop sensation BTS has found themselves embroiled in controversy, prompting their fervent fanbase ARMY to take decisive action.

On May 3rd, ARMY placed full-page ads in several newspapers, expressing their discontent. The statement sharply criticized HYBE for its perceived inaction while BTS suffered from false news and rumors, stating, “While internal management turmoil continues at HYBE, BTS, who are unrelated to the current situation, are suffering significant harm due to false news and rumors, yet the company stands by idly.” The statement continues, “We demand that HYBE’s chairman Bang Si Hyuk and CEO Park Ji Won stop using BTS as a shield in media plays. HYBE’s Big Hit Music must take a responsible approach to the indiscriminate attacks and defamation against BTS, immediately take legal action, and clearly announce progress.”

Highlighting their stance, the fans added, “We support BTS, not HYBE. We are aware that failure to fulfill its duties could lead to contract termination.”

Additionally, some ARMY members escalated their protests by sending a demonstration truck to HYBE’s headquarters. The truck displayed messages such as “Evil company using its artists as shields” and “You call yourself a management company?” Mourning wreaths are also scheduled to be delivered to the HYBE building, marking a dramatic statement of discontent.

The controversy has rekindled past allegations against BTS, including chart manipulation and cult accusations, which Big Hit Music has vehemently denied. On May 2nd, the label stated, “Recent allegations trying to tarnish BTS’s reputation, including marketing manipulation, concept plagiarism, ties to the Dahnworld, and cult accusations, are not true.”

The management’s final remark underscored their rigorous approach: “We will adhere to a zero-tolerance policy against malicious rumors damaging our artists’ reputation, and will pursue legal actions in both criminal and civil courts against the offenders, ensuring they are held accountable without settlement or leniency.”

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