Cha Eun Woo Dazzles in Esquire Korea’s May Issue, Shares’ Wonderful World’ Insights

cha eun woo wonderful world
cha eun woo wonderful world
Credit: Esquire Korea

Cha Eun Woo, the multi-talented singer and actor, recently graced the pages of Esquire’s May issue, bringing his unique charm to the fashion world.

Fresh off the success of his latest drama, Wonderful World, Cha showcased his flair for style, effortlessly embodying the essence of Dior Men’s collection. The highlight of this photo shoot was the Dior Men Gravity Collection, where Cha’s presence added an extra layer of allure to the featured bags and sneakers. This spread is available not only in the May issue of Esquire but also in the Esquire E Issue, which offers a rich digital content package including a digital cover, a moving cover, photo images, and a video interview.

cha eun woo wonderful world
Credit: Esquire Korea
cha eun woo wonderful world
Credit: Esquire Korea

In the video interview, when asked about his recent activities, Cha revealed, “I am currently meeting fans around the world and performing,” highlighting his busy international schedule.

While talking about his role in Wonderful World, Cha opened up about the physical challenges. “I got a lot of bruises and even some injuries while playing the rugged and tough Kwon Sun Yul, but I was so proud of the work that I hardly noticed the pain,” he explained. Additionally, he shared a lighter moment from the set involving his jjajangmyeon-eating scene that created quite the buzz. “I enjoyed the jjajangmyeon and dumplings so much during filming that I didn’t even need dinner afterward,” he shared with a laugh.

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