Weekly TV Top10: ‘Crash Course in Romance’ Ends on a High Note at No. 1

Crash Course in Romance

Drama Ranking for 1st Week of March

tvN’s Crash Course in Romance ended in the first place, recording the highest ratings. Though criticism poured out over the death of the Iron Bead Killer and Lee Bong Ryeon and Oh Eui Sik’s romance, many showed satisfaction in Jeon Do Yeon and Jung Kyung Ho’s happy ending. Roh Yoon Seo, who made back-to-back hits with Our Blues, 20th Century Girl, and Crash Course in Romance, rose to the top in the cast rankings, drawing attention. SBS’s Taxi Driver 2 kept its place at No. 2. Lee Je Hoon and Pyo Ye Jin were seen going undercover as newlyweds, becoming a hot topic, while the sudden cancellation of an episode drew disappointment. JTBC’s new series Divorce Attorney Shin debuted in fourth place. Cho Seung Woo’s singing and his deft acting prowess gained praises, however, many are pointing out the awkward presence of Han Hye Jin, who’s made her long-awaited comeback to the small screen. tvN’s The Heavenly Idol and Our Blooming Youth and MBC’s Kokdu: Season of Deity all climbed up a rank, but their popularity hasn’t increased at all. Likewise, KBS’s Brain Works ended quietly in ninth place.

  1. tvN Crash Course in Romance (Share of Audience 38.58) ( – )
  2. SBS Taxi Driver 2 (Share of Audience 15.84) ( – )
  3. KBS Three Bold Siblings (Share of Audience 7.89) (UP 2)
  4. JTBC Divorce Attorney Shin (Share of Audience 7.78) NEW
  5. KBS Vengeance of the Bride (Share of Audience 4.75) (UP 1)
  6. tvN The Heavenly Idol (Share of Audience 4.02) (UP 1)
  7. tvN Our Blooming Youth (Share of Audience 3.20) (UP 1)
  8. MBC Kokdu: Season of Deity (Share of Audience 3.07) (UP 1)
  9. KBS Brain Works (Share of Audience 2.85) (UP 2)
  10. ENA Delivery Man (Share of Audience 2.82) NEW
  1. Roh Yoon Seo, Crash Course in Romance (UP 4)
  2. Jung Kyung Ho, Crash Course in Romance ( – )
  3. Jeon Do Yeon, Crash Course in Romance ( – )
  4. Shin Jae Ha, Crash Course in Romance (UP 2)
  5. Lee Je Hoon, Taxi Driver 2 (DOWN 1)
  6. Pyo Ye Jin, Taxi Driver 2 (UP 12)
  7. Cho Seung Woo, Divorce Attorney Shin NEW
  8. Park Ha Na, Vengeance of the Bride (UP 4)
  9. Han Hye Jin, Divorce Attorney Shin NEW
  10. Lee Chae Min, Crash Course in Romance (UP 1)

Non-Drama Ranking for 1st Week of March

Mnet’s Boys Planet kept its place on the top. Though the viewership continues to linger on the lower side, the YouTube views have exceeded 200 million views. MBN’s Burning Trot and JTBC’s Peak Time, which both got swept up in the contestant’s school bullying scandal, came in second and third. tvN’s Jinny’s Kitchen dropped to fourth place, but the chemistry between the cast is receiving favorable responses. MBC’s I Live Alone rose to No. 5, and actor Lee You Jin’s life in a semi-basement house gained sympathy and support.

  1. Mnet Boys Planet (Share of Audience 8.69) ( – )
  2. MBN Burning Trotman (Share of Audience 7.32) (UP 2)
  3. tvN Peak Time (Share of Audience 5.44) (DOWN 1)
  4. tvN Jinny’s Kitchen (Share of Audience 5.09) (DOWN 1)
  5. MBC I Live Alone (Share of Audience 3.38) (UP 3)
  6. TV CHOSUN Mr. Trot 2 (Share of Audience 3.32) (DOWN 1)
  7. ENA PLAY/SBS Plus I Am Solo (Share of Audience 3.01) (DOWN 1)
  8. tvN You Quiz on the Block (Share of Audience 2.69) (DOWN 1)
  9. MBC Hangout with Yoo (Share of Audience 2.08) (UP 4)
  10. SBS Running Man (Share of Audience 1.82) (UP 1)
  1. Hwang Young Woong, Burning Trotman ( – )
  2. Lee You Jin, I Live Alone NEW
  3. Jang Miran, You Quiz on the Block (UP 5)
  4. Yoo Jae Suk, Hangout with Yoo (UP 9)
  5. Yum Kyung Hwan, Same Bed, Different Dreams 2 – You Are My Destiny NEW
  6. TEAM11, Peak Time (DOWN 4)
  7. Ryu Soo Young, Stars’ Top Recipe at Fun-Staurant (UP 3)
  8. Cho Jin Woong, Europe Outside Your Tent: Spain NEW
  9. V, Jinny’s Kitchen (DOWN 6)
  10. Choi Woo Shik, Jinny’s Kitchen (UP 7)

This survey was released by the TV popularity analyst Good Data Corporation after analyzing the internet’s responses generated from news articles, blogs/communities, videos, and social media in regards to 18 drama series and 193 variety shows that are either on-air or scheduled to be aired from February 28th to March 5th.

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