Yeon Sang Ho’s New Netflix Movie ‘Jung_E’ Drops Official Trailer

jung_e netflix movie
jung_e netflix movie
Credit: Netflix

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Director Yeon Sang Ho‘s returning with a unique SF movie.

Jung_E is an upcoming dystopian sci-fi thriller written and directed by Train to Busan director Yeon Sang Ho. Set in the 22nd century, climate change has caused the planet to become uninhabitable and humans fight a war in the man-made shelter. The story follows the people who developed the best A.I. combat warrior by cloning the brain of the legendary mercenary Jung E.

The poster captures the attention with its advertisement-like text that reads, “Kronoid’s A.I. combat warrior Jung_E will be released soon.” The trailer also takes the advertisement format of introducing its new A.I. robot. “At Kronoid, we are committed to creating a safer world. Introducing our most advanced A.I. combat warrior Jung_E.”

jung_e netflix movie
Credit: Netflix

Kim Hyun Joo makes an intense transformation into combat A.I. Jung_E. As a legendary combat mercenary, she becomes a subject of brain cloning. One thing to note about this new movie is that it’s the last work of the late Kang Soo Yeon, who plays the team leader of the research institute Seo Hyun. She’s in charge of testing Jung_E’s brain and combat power. Additionally, Ryu Kyung Soo plays Sang Hoon, who must make this project work.

Meanwhile, Jung_E will be released on January 20th.

Source: Netflix

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