Yoo Ah In Shares His Feelings in a Lengthy Message About the Recent Itaewon Tragedy

yoo ah in instagram Itaewon
yoo ah in instagram Itaewon
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Yoo Ah In took to his Instagram to share his feelings in a lengthy message. Though the actor didn’t specify, it’s assumed to be about the recent Itaewon Halloween Crowd Crush.

Ahead of Halloween on October 29th, a massacre of crowds gathered in an alley in Itaewon. This celebration led to the tragedy of Korea’s worst crowd crush, causing the death of 156 people.

But shortly after the catastrophe, claims were made online that a big-name star and a few influencers were one of the causes of the tragedy. Yoo Ah In was one of the names, but the actor’s agency has revealed that he wasn’t even in Korea at the time of the accident.

His post is as follows.

“I’m eating, exercising, pooping, and laughing at funny things. While trying to chase brilliant things, I tripped. I tried to avoid dirty things but then decided to wear them all over. I’m trying to walk, but it’s hard to take a step.

Everyday life flows. As you get older, your time flows slightly differently. Your tears fall more secretly. Years have passed, and something has changed. I used to show my middle finger as a habit when I was full of anger, but now I hold it in and hit my chest with my fist. You hit me with the hands you use to hit hard things. It is not so bad living as the main character in a sad story in the past that used to get beaten. 

The fact that the time of your life in which you live without knowing gratitude and shame is gradually decreasing, is that aging? The successes of this era that hold out on the other side of it, I wander around. In the meantime, the more I get, the more I lose. In any case, I could no longer see what was under the light. I hit it recklessly as I did on a coin-eating vending machine.

And the things that appear.

A few days ago, I drank beer with my friends. ‘Are you happy?’, one of my oldest friends asked. We spent a more lukewarm time than the beer we drank, neither cool nor hot, waving our hands regularly in an irregular shape like chasing mosquitoes and uttering enough funny and moderately conscientious sounds.

Feel sorry. We shriveled up even when it got a little hot. Isn’t it a little bearable to warm yourself up with alcohol? Nevertheless, our emotions that were electrocuted, the things that we couldn’t catch, and the hearts that we lost.

‘There are things I want to bring out more clearly and vividly. Things I want to finish quickly. But I still hold it in. One at a time, one at a time, and more slowly.’

As I began to lose faith in speed, I decided to do so when I actually found myself losing my speed or not being able to keep up with the speed. And yet, I keep thinking about it.

‘Don’t write what you think here. You’re not selling that. That’s embarrassing!’

Is that what I’m talking to myself or you’re talking to yourself? In the middle of the mourner’s house, you turn your back to the mourning. We don’t know who did better. We don’t know who did more wrongly. Screens are not turned off because they use ‘turned-off’ lives as weapons, shields, materials, snacks, and obstacles. Dog noises are louder than the wailing of their masters. Things that are being sold with big data. Shut up, you should be ashamed of yourself. Use your heart, please. Things that were abandoned after we competed for more and less pain. The truth is that we are all in the same group. I hope my sincere hearts can reach where they are needed the most right now. Above all, I wish that the affectionate feelings that I’m trying to express right now can be delivered to where they are needed the most. Rather than being light that’s on in a room with no one, it’s less embarrassing.

I wish I could touch your painful hearts by tapping on the screen. I love you. And I adore you. Just as much as I need. Just as much as I gave it away, I got it and I don’t have it”

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