GOT7’s Jinyoung Enters a Juvenile Detention Center to Avenge His Twin Brother’s Death in a New Movie

christmas carol movie jinyoung

GOT7’s Jinyoung will play a shocking new role for his upcoming movie, Christmas Carol (literal title).

Christmas Carol is an action thriller that follows a young boy named Il Woo entering a juvenile reformatory to avenge his twin brother Wol Woo’s death and engaging in a brutal confrontation with a juvenile gang.

Jinyoung takes on the challenge of playing two roles in the movie by starring as twin brothers Il Woo and Wol Woo. Reports say that he flawlessly portrayed the explosive anger of Il Woo as he signed himself up for a reform school to avenge his twin brother’s death, as well as the delicate emotions of Wol Woo, who was found dead on Christmas morning. The actor is expected to showcase some eye-opening action scenes as Il Woo steps into the center full of violence and brutality.

Director Kim Sung Soo praised the actor by saying, “I think Jinyoung is a brilliant actor capable of playing both Il Woo and Wol Woo. He has a great understanding of the two’s complex emotions and put such great details into them. Even while shooting some tough scenes, he showed some performance that exceeded my expectations.”

Christmas Carol will hit theaters in December.


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