Shin Hye Sung Drove 10km Under the Influence +Spotted for the First Time After Getting Arrested

shinhwa shin hye sung
shinhwa shin hye sung
Credit: iMBC, KBS “Entertainment Weekly”

Shinhwa’s Shin Hye Sung, who was arrested on charges of drunk driving in another person’s vehicle, was found to have driven about 10km from Seongnam, Gyeonggi-do to Jamsil, Seoul while under the influence of alcohol.

The Songpa Police Station in Seoul tentatively concluded on the 13th that Shin was driving under the influence of alcohol for about 10km. They plan to transfer the artist to the prosecution on charges such as violation of the Road Traffic Act.

It’s been revealed that Shin, after drinking alcohol with his friends at a restaurant in Nonhyeon-dong, Gangnam-gu, on the night of the 10th, called a substitute driver. He sat in the passenger seat, his friend in the back seat, and the driver drove them to a villa in Sujeong-gu, Seongnam-si, the friend’s house.

After the driver left, Shin drove himself from the villa to Tancheon 2nd Bridge in Jamsil-dong, Songpa-gu. Then, at around 1:40 AM KST on the 11th, he was found asleep on the bridge. At the time, the singer refused to take the breathalyzer test when the police asked.

The Genesis car that Shin was driving at the time belonged to someone else who reported the car stolen. Naturally, he was charged with theft. However, since Shin was drunk at the time and mistook Genesis for his Benz, the police are also considering applying the charge of illegal use of the car instead of theft.

It’s considered illegal usage of a vehicle when the vehicle is temporarily used without the consent of the owner. Unlike theft, it can be applied when the driver has no intention to acquire the car illegally. The sentence is up to three years in prison or a fine of not more than 5 million won (about $3,500), which is half of the sentence for theft.

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