Lee Jong Suk Discusses Newest Acting Projects and What It Was Like Meeting His Fans in Person

lee jong suk big mouth
lee jong suk big mouth
Credit: Vogue Korea

Lee Jong Suk, who successfully made his drama comeback with Big Mouth, sat down for an interview with Vogue Korea magazine to talk about his recent acting endeavors.

The actor revealed the most memorable scene in Big Mouth and described that it was the ending of episode 4 where the inmates shouted “Big! Big! Big!” altogether while Park Chang Ho walked through the corridor of prison cell doors.

He shared, “The script said ‘Park Chang Ho walking through the corridor like a commander heading to the battlefield.’ So I gave a lot of thought to how I should portray the scene, and I felt a great sense of relief after watching it on TV. It was a little cartoonish, but I could tell the hard work and passion everyone had put into it. The camera angle, the background music, and the whole atmosphere of the scene were just amazing. I thought, ‘This is awesome,’ and decided to leave my worries behind and enjoy shooting. That’s something that hasn’t happened to me before.”

lee jong suk big mouth
Credit: Vogue Korea

Meanwhile, Lee Jong Suk will become a navy soldier in his upcoming movie, Decibel. Regarding his new role in the film, he remarked, “I had been wanting to do something just a bit different. If the story is fun and it’s a role that I can pull off well, then I will it. Big Mouth and Decibel were both like that.”

lee jong suk big mouth
Credit: Vogue Korea

The celebrity also shared what it was like meeting his fans at the recent fan meetup held on September 12th. He said, “I’m a human with low self-esteem, but I feel recharged after meeting fans in person. Throughout our lives, there are times when we feel small. When I meet fans, I begin to think, ‘Ah, I matter,’ and am encouraged. It’s something very meaningful to me.

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