3 Things to Look Forward to in ‘Project Wolf Hunting’

project wolf hunting tiff

Project Wolf Hunting, set to hit the screen on September 21st, is a hard-boiled action flick depicting the process of transporting heinous criminals that even Interpol had given up on from the middle of the Pacific Ocean to Korea. These are the three things to look for in the movie.

#1 The Most Unconventional R-Rated Action 
Project Wolf Hunting
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Project Wolf Hunting is an extreme survival action that illustrates the fierce confrontation between the most-wanted criminals and the police who have to transport them via the criminal convoy Titan from the Philippines to Korea. Director Kim Hong Seon shared, “I wanted to express it (the story) as an extreme survival game where the characters play for the sole purpose of ‘kill or die.'”

The movie has been highly praised by overseas film festival programmers such as “a shot of adrenaline” or “all erupting upon the screen with a rousing, volcanic velocity,” drawing attention.

#2 The Extreme Survival Game – It’s the New K-Survival
project wolf hunting tiff
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The second key point of the flick is survival. Project Wolf Hunting centers around the extreme survival game that takes place in the middle of the Pacific Ocean. In particular, the movie was officially invited to the Midnight Madness section at the 47th Toronto International Film Festival, the first movie to achieve the feat 16 years after Bong Joon Ho’s The Host.

Above all, while the interest in K-Survival has been high thanks to Netflix’s Squid Game, Project Wolf Hunting gained rave reviews from foreign media and foreign film officials, heralding the birth of another shocking K-survival content.

#3 Real Action Scenes Unfolding on a Realistic Set
project wolf hunting tiff
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The last key feature is the “reality.” Director Kim paid special attention to creating a realistic background, and the result of his effort will deliver vividness to the audience as if they were watching the movie from inside the ship. The set was created using two ships, with every detail made to look like a real ship. 

The action sequences were also composed to capture the characters’ desperation rather than focusing on the flashy action itself. Kim explained, “I started the project with ‘hyperrealism’ when it comes to action scenes as the foundational concept to capture the instinctive survival game as it is.”

Source: The Contents On

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