Kim Jong Kook Talks About Being Popular Among Gay Men

Kim Jong Kook gay
Kim Jong Kook gay
Credit: KBS

Kim Jong Kook guest-starred in the latest episode of Problem Child in House and revealed that he is popular among gay men.

Hong Seok Cheon began by saying that there is someone he cannot take his eyes off. Kim Ji Min jokingly replied, “One person off the list,” while looking at Jeong Hyeong Don. Shocked, Jeong went on, “I once went to gay bars in Itaewon, and everyone there went crazy over me. I was very welcomed and even told that I was very sexy.” Hong heard him but said: “I like the person who has a ripped body. When I was younger, Min Kyung Hoon was closest to being my prince charming. However, my ideal types have changed, and now I prefer a person like Kim Jong Kook.”

Kim Jong Kook commented, “Things have changed these days, and I don’t get offended when gay men say I am their ideal type.” Hong Seok Cheon added, “Kim Jong Kook sometimes visits our restaurant, and he’s very popular among gay people like me. I think he would be popular among American men as well. So whenever he tells me he will go abroad to work on his music, I always ask him about the reactions there. He once told me, ‘All eyes were on me when I was using a sunbed in the swimming pool.’.” Kim Jong Kook chimed in, saying, “When I am at the gym, many gay men ask me to work out with them. I am telling you.”

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