Joo Won Turns into a Man on a Deadly Mission in the New Netflix Movie ‘Carter’

netflix kmovie carter
netflix kmovie carter
Credit: Netflix

Netflix’s Carter dropped still photos hinting at Joo Won‘s extreme transformation.

The new Netflix original movie Carter centers around Agent Carter, who needs to find out who he really is and complete the mysterious mission he’s put on within a given time.

Joo Won will make the most intense transformation in his career through Carter. Agent Carter, played by the actor, has to complete a mission to deliver a girl who is the only cure for a virus that has devastated the world. When he wakes up, he has no recollections of his past, and a mysterious device is implanted in his head and a deadly bomb in his mouth. Relying on a mysterious voice giving him orders inside his ears, he sets out on the special mission.

For the role of “human weapon” Carter, Joo Won gained 7kg and endured three to four months of rigorous training to pull off high-level action scenes, including barehand fights and car and motorcycle chasing. “There wasn’t a day I didn’t train for the action scenes,” the actor recalled. “I can’t even compare (the time I spent training) with any other projects I’ve ever done.”

Director Jeong Byeong Gil, who also directed The Villainess, lavished praise on the actor, saying, “He understands the action sequences very fast. He’s the best action star I’ve ever seen. The way he moves is just beautiful.”


Source: Netflix

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