Kim Seon Ho Transforms Into a Mountain Trekker in New Play ‘Touching the Void’

Kim Seon Ho 2022
Kim Seon Ho 2022
Credit: SALT Entertainment Instagram

A poster of Kim Seon Ho‘s new play Touching the Void has been unveiled.

On the 22nd, the actor’s agency SALT Entertainment released a poster of Touching the Void on its official social media. The agency reported that the celebrity will star as a mountain trekker named Joe.

The newly released poster features him gazing into space with a snow-covered face. His mesmerized look and the caption that reads, “No one has ever seen this scenery before. Right now, we are the only ones who have seen it,” raises curiosity about what will happen in the play.

Fans who have seen this intriguing poster showed their excitement on their social media, saying, ‘His eyes are telling what the story is about,’ ‘I missed him a lot. I cannot wait to see this upcoming play,’ ‘Looks like a heartwarming story,’ and ‘I can already tell what he wants to say.’

Meanwhile, the story of Touching the Void takes place on the day before Joe’s funeral from the perspective of Sarah, who cannot accept the death of her stranded brother.

Touching the Void will be performed at the Art One Theater in Seoul from July 8th to September 18th.

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