Curated Playlist: 4 of the Best Performances by ‘Queendom 2’ Contestants

Queendom 2 Hyolyn

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Queendom 2 Hyolyn
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Queendom 2 is enjoying its rise in popularity among viewers. The new season features a wide variety of artists such as 2010 debutant Hyolyn as well as 2022 debutants WJSN, LOONA, Brave Girls, VIVIZ, and Kep1er.

Each artist has their own reason to compete in Queendom 2. Hyolyn and VIVIZ, who already has built their career as a solo artist and members of GFRIEND, will be having their chance to embark on a new journey that comes with a different path. WJSN and LOONA are much experienced as they have both won in various music programs and held many concerts, but they chose to appear on Queendom 2 to reach out to a larger audience. Brave Girls and Kep1er, who just made themselves known to the public, are in a good position as they don’t have anything to lose just yet.

As of May 12, Queendom 2 aired the vocal unit competition of Round 3, and the contestants’ high-quality performances are receiving rave views from viewers on YouTube. So without further ado, let’s take a look at 4 of the best performances that we shouldn’t miss out on Queendom 2.


Kep1er – See The Light

Kep1er had already shown their incredible choreography with their debut song “WADADA,” so there was a lot of expectation for the kind of performance they would show in Queendom 2. Kep1er rearranged “See The Light” from their debut album FIRST IMPACT and performed during their turn in OPENING SHOW. Since the OPENING SHOW stage was more geared toward introducing each and every member of Kep1er, it put more weight on showing the dancing skills of Kim Da Yeon, Seo Young Eun, Hikaru, and Sean Xiaotting rather than showcasing the singing skills of other vocal positioned members. However, thanks to this, we were able to witness their incredibly synchronized dance moves. Kep1er has continued to show high-quality group dance, ranging from “WADADA” in the first round to “Pool Party” in the second round. The group has no match for dancing in Queendom 2, and it seems like they are making good use of that.


VIVIZ – Time for the Moon Night + Rough

“Time for the Moon Night + Rough,” performed by VIVIZ during the first round under the theme of the signature song, is one of the best performances that resonated with the audience the most regardless of their individual capacities. Although VIVIZ started out with an advantage in popularity as the group was formed by members of GFRIEND, the group that released many hit songs, they cleverly used their strengths to draw sympathy and emotion from the audience. The personal narrative of VIVIZ members, the stage production, and the use of dancers greatly increased the sense of immersion.

The full cam version of their performance shows that they made very good use of their dancers. Although the group has only three members, their dancers fill the stage with the dynamic members in the lead. Their use of the wide stage and the orchestra that plays as they sing “running through time” creates a dramatic effect. It is one of their best performances that shows that they’ve kept their big picture in mind when planning the stage.

The three girls pulled off fantastic voguing choreography designed by Rosaline in the opening show. Plus, they gave an eye-opening cover performance of WJSN’s “Unnatural” in the second round by utilizing its passionate tango rhythms.


Brave Girls – MVSK �


Covering Kep1er’s song must have been challenging as the group has only one hit song, “WADADA.” So, Brave Girls have come up with a plan to make full use of the song’s anonymity so that they can transform Kep1er’s track into their own music. The four members covered the song so beautifully that we couldn’t think of the original song and their signature arrangement of disco and retro music made us feel like it was Brave Girls’ own song.

However, they have received rather poor reviews on the OPENING SHOW and Round 1. Many believe it’s due to their lack of popularity, as their only hit song is “Rollin,” and others suspect it’s because they were never brought to attention for their dancing or performance skills. Nonetheless, the group is showing their full blast charms with extraordinary vocal skills that would outdo all the other groups.

Hyolyn – So What �


“So What,” presented by Hyolyn in Round 2, is one of the best performances ever made on the Queendom 2 stage, which showed her true potential and capacity as an artist. Of all elements that put a performance together, such as vocals, rap, dance, expression and stage manners, she maintained everything well structured and organized throughout the stage time and kept the tension tight. Judging from her cover stage, she seems to have been influenced by American artists like Beyonce and Cardi B. She expressed the rebellious image of LOONA, the original singer, with the determination that allowed her to transform into this courageous figure who isn’t afraid to set out her path. Her incredible singing alone gives us a good reason to witness this performance.

She has been giving us incredible stage performances since the OPENING SHOW with her unmatched singing talent. This is why Hyolyn is currently dominating the ranking on the program, as it invites a live audience to vote for a total of two best teams. She is currently considered the most likely candidate for the first place, piquing viewers’ expectations.


Editor Yoon: I love music, especially K-POP, and I dream of becoming an A&R person, lyricist, artist, etc. I will cover various articles, including song reviews, artist reviews, and K-pop market analysis.

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