JTBC Takes Legal Action Against Those Who Accused ‘Snowdrop’ of History Distortion

Jisoo drama Snowdrop
Credit: JTBC
Jisoo drama Snowdrop
Credit: JTBC

JTBC said on April 8 that it has filed criminal lawsuits against online commenters who accused Snowdrop of history fabrication.

The drama got embroiled in various controversies in March of last year. Reading the show’s outline, many pointed out that the series has used the name of a real-life historical figure without permission, that it mocked South Korea’s democracy movement, and that it romanticized members of South Korea’s Agency for National Security Planning from the period, who were known for corruption and illegal violence.

Even after JTBC apologized for the controversies surrounding the female lead’s name, many elements in the drama sparked heated debates on the Internet even after its premiere. The matter was also brought to several broadcasting committees and civil courts, but the Korea Communications Standards Commission (KOCSC) stated that “it is difficult to say that Snowdrop romanticized the Agency for National Security Planning or mocked the national democracy movement.”

Now, JTBC has issued an official statement on April 8th, saying that they have filed criminal lawsuits against those who propagated false reports regarding Snowdrop with malicious intent. Due to the spread of such rumors, the cast members of the show were subjected to significant hostile internet attacks, as were the production company and several sponsoring companies. JTBC has concluded that such damages cannot be taken each time a drama falls under controversy. As a result, the broadcasting station has decided to act in order to remind viewers of the seriousness of such actions.”

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