Park Min Young and Song Kang Talk About How They Resemble Their Characters in ‘Forecasting Love and Weather’

Forecasting Love and Weather Song Kang
Forecasting Love and Weather Song Kang
Credit: YouTube “JTBC JTALK”

Park Min Young and Song Kang talked about their characters in Forecasting Love and Weather in an interview with JTALK.

Both actors chose “growth” as a keyword for their characters. Park shared, “Although Jin Ha Kyung seems perfect, she actually has errors. She grows up as a person with the help of Si Woo and other people.” Song described his character Lee Si Woo as someone “bright and innocent.” But then he added, “But he’s actually not that bright,” raising curiosity. He has conflicts and worries inside, but he too will grow up as a person through a series of events. They both explained that their drama is about “how everyone grows little by little.”

They share quite a lot of similarities with their roles. Park, who said she feels happy when working and uneasy when resting, is also a workaholic like Ha Kyung. Song nodded to Ha Kyung and Park’s professionalism and said, “She’s very serious when he’s working.” But Park added, “I like to play, but Ha Kyung doesn’t,” giving a big laugh.

Song explained, “I’m like him in a sense that we’re both bright, whimsical, and somewhat sloppy.” Park also agreed with him, saying, “When we had our first table read, he looked and sounded like Lee Si Woo when all he did was read some lines. So I told him that you’re plenty charming, so just show yourself.”

Lastly, Park shared, “(Our drama) is like a bright and clear sky, but there are some spicy moments and crying moments. Jin Ha Kyung is like the cold wind of Siberia, and Lee Si Woo is like a warm man like the anticyclone in the North Pacific. How they change each other will spice up our romance.”

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