Korean Stars Who Have Either Admitted or Denied Dating Rumors in 2021

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More stars came forward with their relationships in 2021. And, of course, their reactions to the dating rumors were also varied. Some received blessings after admitting to the rumors, while some vehemently denied it, simply dismissing it as a happening. Let’s take a look at the stars who made headlines with their dating rumors.


Hyun Bin & Son Ye Jin

Hyun Bin Son Ye Jin
Credit: tvN

Every time Hyun Bin and Son Ye Jin’s dating rumors hit the wire, they denied it by stating that they’re just “good friends.” The two were spotted at a supermarket in the States before and after Crash Landing On You, and their dating rumors surfaced three times. But each time, they denied being romantically involved. However, when their fourth dating rumor came out on January 1st, both sides admitted that they became an item after Crash Landing On You ended.


Lee Seung Gi & Lee Da In

Lee Seung Gi Lee Da In
Credit: tvN, KBS

Lee Seung Gi and Lee Da In’s dating rumors came out on May 24th. The two bonded over their love for golf and have already introduced each other to their friends and families. One media outlet even reported that Lee Da In visited the actor’s grandmother. At the time, Lee Da In’s agency immediately responded, “They are getting to know each other.” The next day, Lee Seung Gi admitted to his relationship and stressed, “We ask that you refrain from making groundless assumptions and unverified reports.”


Jeon Jong Seo & Lee Chung Hyun

Jeon Jong Seo Lee Chung Hyun
Credit: Netflix, Yong Film

Jeon Jong Seo and Lee Chung Hyun met through the movie The Call. When their dating rumors hit the wire, Jeon Jong Seo’s agency confirmed the news, saying, “The two recently started dating.” Director Lee Chung Hyun also stated, “I’ve had good feelings for her while filming The Call, and we naturally started dating recently.”


G-Dragon & Jennie

G-Dragon Jennie
Credit: G-Dragon, Jennie Instagram

Big Bang’s G-Dragon and Blackpink’s Jennie‘s dating rumors surprised their fans. On February 24th, Dispatch reported that G-Dragon and Jennie have been dating for a year and that their label is well aware of their relationship. However, YG Entertainment told iMBC, “It is difficult for the company to confirm the private lives of the artists. We ask for your understanding.”


Lee Min Ho & Yeonwoo

Lee Min Ho Yeonwoo
Credit: iMBC

On August 30th, Lee Min Ho and Yeonwoo’s dating rumors surfaced when Distapch released their paparazzi photos. Yeonwoo’s agency MLD Entertainment took a cautious attitude, saying, “We’ll announce our official statement after confirming the facts.” However, Lee Min Ho’s agency MYM Entertainment immediately denied the report, saying, “It’s not true.” It wasn’t a statement that was mutually negotiated with Yeonwoo’s company. In the end, MLD Entertainment also denied the rumors the next day.


Son Seok Koo & Lee Seol

Son Seok Koo Lee Seol
Credit: CJ ENM, Littor

On December 10th, it was reported that Son Seok Koo and Lee Seol were dating. One media reported that the two had been an item since last year and that industry insiders are well aware of their relationship. However, both actors immediately denied the report. Each agency delivered the official position, “The dating rumors aren’t true. They’re just close colleagues.”

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