Curated Playlist: 10 Best K-pop Christmas Songs to Get You in the Mood

Kpop Christmas Songs

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Kpop Christmas Songs
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Listening to carols is the simplest and most effective way to spend a warm and jolly Christmas. From popular American pop songs like “All I Want For Christmas Is You (Mariah Carey),” “Last Christmas (Wham!),” “Santa Tell Me (Ariana Grande)” to Korean steady sellers like “Must Have Love (Brown Eyed Girls & SG Wannabe),” “White Winter (Mr.2),” “Turbo (December),” and more, we tend to think of Christmas songs around this time of the year.

So, without further ado, let me introduce some of the best K-pop songs that will get you in the holiday spirit.

BTOB �” You Can Cry (2014)

“You Can Cry” is a track in BTOB’s 2014 special winter album The Winter’s Tale. Even though it’s not the title track, it’s a well-known Christmas song among K-pop fans. Its witty lyrics that say, “the reason I hate winter,” “annoyingly cold weather” and “couples on the streets” speak for the lonely hearts who will spend the Christmas day by themselves. This song is also a solid R&B song with great melody lines sung by the BTOB members.


Taeyeon – Christmas Without You (2017)

Credit: SM Entertainment

“Christmas Without You” is a track from Taeyeon‘s winter album This Christmas. It’s a pop ballad song about spending a lonely Christmas day while everyone else is having a good time. Taeyeon’s calm and warm voice perfectly brings out the sentiment of this song. However, if you’re looking for a more upbeat and bright song, I recommend listening to “Let It Snow” and “Candy Cane” from the same album, instead.


EXO – The First Snow (2013)

“The First Snow” is a track under EXO’s famous winter special album Miracles In December. Because this song was released shortly after their debut, their sound is much younger compared to their current mature voices. The song is about one’s first love and the process of letting them go slowly while letting out one’s emotions.


Hanhae & YODAYOUNG – Mask Christmas (2020)

“Mask Christmas,” as the title suggests, is about how life has changed as a result of COVID-19. With its witty lyrics, the song expresses its serious theme in a lighthearted manner. Although Hanhae is known for his impeccable diction when rapping, his singing voice in this song is very charming.


NCT Dream �” JOY (2017)

“JOY” is a cheerful and warm song that combines the melodies of “Jingle Bells” and “Joy to the World.” The members’ distinctive voices go well with the joyful, upbeat mood of the song. Moreover, Mark’s rap, written by himself, naturally blends well into the flow of the original songs, making it an appealing cover. This is the first attempt where NCT added Korean lyrics to the original American songs, and later, it became an important cornerstone for the group’s future album plans.


Jung Seung Hwan – Winter Again (2020)

“Winter Again” was released at the end of the year by Jung Seung Hwan in collaboration with MeloMance’s Jung Dong Hwan. Jung Seung Hwan possesses a voice well suited for the winter season. The song expresses how a joyful year has passed since last winter and wishes for more pleasant winters in the future.


ASTRO – Merry-Go-Round (2021)

“Merry-Go-Round” is a Christmas song dedicated to ASTRO’s fans. The long intro that begins with the sound of a winding toy as clean electric guitar and bells take the melody will put you in the right mood. The song really gives emphasis on each member’s warm singing voices especially when they sing the hook, “merry go merry go round.”


LYn – A Blizzard of Love (2010)

“A Blizzard of Love” is filled with classic yet warm melodies. It’s a song composed by Hwang Seong Je and it is LYn’s first Christmas song since her debut. LYn did a great job in writing the lyrics of the song. For instance, the parts where she sings, “oh, it’s cold,” “even if it’s slippery,” and “it’s a blizzard of love, I don’t know,” fit the song’s overall vibe perfectly. LYn is known for her emotional ballad songs. But this time, she showcased her veteran singing skills as she sang along with cute and adorable melodies.


Yoon Sang – RE: To Me (duet with Kim Sung Kyu) (2014)

“RE: To Me” is a track in Yoon Sang‘s special duet winter album The Duets, and it is also a collaborative work joined by INFINITE’s main singer Kim Sung Kyu. Yoon Sang’s soft and sweet voice blends beautifully with Kim Sung Kyu’s keen yet sentimental voice. Because the song is about his present self sending a message to his past self, the two singers’ large age gap makes it easier for the listeners to relate to this song, I also recommend “From the Winter” from the same album sung by Yoon Sang and Tim.


Red Velvet – Remember Forever (2019)

Following “Zimzalabim” and “Umpah Umpah,” “Remember Forever” is a track in the Finale album that marked the grand finale of The ReVe Festival. The song well captures the joy and sadness of wrapping up an exciting festival. The warm piano sound combined with the waltz rhythm wakes up the Christmas spirit and warms our hearts and souls. It’s the perfect song to listen to at the end of the year, bidding good riddance to the horrors of 2021.

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