Im Si Wan’s New Wavve Original Drama ‘Tracer’ Releases Its Main Poster and Teaser

Im Si Wan drama Tracer
Im Si Wan drama Tracer
Credit: Wavve

New Wavve original series Tracer dropped its main poster and teaser.

Tracer is a suspenseful new Wavve series about a fierce young man who starts working in the 5th division of the National Tax Services, a.k.a a landfill site of human resources.

The teaser starts with a brief introduction of Hwang Dong Joo (Im Si Wan) and how he takes on tasks that no one wants to work on. On his first day at the new division, he shakes up the office by confronting his teammates with his sharp tongue. His boss, director In Tae Joon (Son Hyun Joo), is not looking all happy with the troubles he caused in the team. So, he secretly whispers to his teammates, “Since he wants to be useful, let’s use him,” to sort out their crisis.

Im Si Wan drama Tracer
Credit: Wavve

The teaser also gives a glimpse at the shocking events that will unfold in the upcoming series by showing a female inspector, Seo Hye Young (Go Ah Sung), screaming, “All the reports are gone!”

The team members embarking on a journey to track and solve problems garner viewers’ attention with Chief Oh Young (Park Yong Woo) saying, “Sometimes, you should try something that isn’t shameful.”

Source: Wavve

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