Jung Eun Ji Talks About Her Drinking Buddies, Apink’s Comeback, and More

Apink Jung Eun Ji

Apink’s Jung Eun Ji talked about Apink’s comeback as a whole group.

Apink Jung Eun Ji
Credit: IST Entertainment

On Tuesday, Jung Eun Ji sat down for an interview to share her final thoughts on her TVING original series Work Later, Drink Now.

To the question, “What is alcohol to Jung Eun Ji?” she answered, “Something that I stay away from when I’m down.” Adding that she can tolerate four bottles of soju, she shared, “I tend to stay away from it when I’m down. Because I’m worried I might make a mistake. Instead, I drink when I need to talk to someone.”

Apink Jung Eun Ji
Credit: IST Entertainment

But surprisingly, her drink buddies were not Apink members. “Our members can’t hold their liquor well,” she explained. “Once, I drank when Hayoung and I turned 18, and I couldn’t deal with what happened later. So now, I don’t make her drink. Namjoo also gets too hyper, and I can’t handle that either.”

Jung Eun Ji then hinted at Apink’s comeback. She shared, “All of us met up not long ago. We’re constantly discussing our comeback. I think we’ll wrap up this year by showing our faces to our fans on December 31st and comforting them.”

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“We’ve never performed ‘​​Dumhdurum’ that we released in April last year in front of our fans. So our fans call it ‘Phonedurum’ because they’ve only seen it on their phones,” she added. “So when I see our fans’ faces, I feel like I’ll burst into tears. I’m also looking forward to it. I think it will turn into a sea of tears.”

Meanwhile, Jung Eun Ji played Kang Ji Gu, an origami YouTuber, in Work Later, Drink Now and cunningly portrayed a complex character. Especially, her drunk acting and spicy lines heated up the online communities.


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