Maytree’s Squid Game Sound Effect Video Hits 1M Views on YouTube

MayTree squid game
Credit: Acappella Entertainment
MayTree squid game
Credit: Acappella Entertainment

South Korean acappella group Maytree has gained 1 million views on YouTube for their newly uploaded video that perfectly recreated the signature sound from Squid Game.

As of 11 AM on the 11th, the “Squid game (acapella)” video of the group gained 1.081 million views, and it has been only 40 days since they first uploaded their video on October 1st. Previously in an interview with a Korean news outlet, the group remarked, “We practiced only for two days and, we didn’t expect this much enthusiasm.”

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In a 1-minute 40-second video, they first performed the soundtrack named “Way Back Then,” which marks the start of the game, by emulating mechanical noises, gunshots, and rhythms originally created by recorders and castanets, along with the calm voice of the giant Squid Game doll that we all now know of. Then they moved on to perform several other soundtracks: the wake-up song, Haydn’s “trumpet concerto;” the theme song for the masked agents, “Pink Soldiers;” and Johann Strauss II’s “The Blue Danube.”

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So far, Maytree has 2.74 million subscribers on its Youtube channel. Plus, they have multiple clips that attracted over 10 million views, including the clips named the “iPhone sound effect (35,459,622 views),” “Windows sound effect (14,121,613 views),” “Subway Surfers (18,433,226 views),” and “Among Us sound effect (13,900,137 views).”

The comments in different languages on each video show how much popularity they have across the world. One English-written comment said, “If there’s going to be a Season 2, they should totally do the entire soundtrack.” And some of the Korean users couldn’t hide their excitement when they found out that the members were from the same country as them.

The group was first established by Jang Sang In (role of Vocal Percussion) and Kang Soo Kyung (Alto) in 2000. Then Kim Won Jong (Bass), Kwon Young Hoon (Tenor), and Lim Su Yeon (Soprano) later joined the duo and formed the veteran team that we now know of.

Recently, Maytree released a fresh music video for their second new global single, “What if.”

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