Curated Playlist: 4 of the Best Songs by Korea’s Biggest Acapella Group Maytree

Acapella Maytree
Acapella Maytree
Credit: Acappella Entertainment

If you enjoy watching Youtube videos, you might have heard about this group: Maytree. Maytree is an acapella group famous for its accurate covers of Windows, iPhone, Samsung Galaxy, and Squid Game sound effects.

The group was first established back in 2000. They soon proved their talent by grabbing first in the Popular Music section at the 2021 Busan Choral Festival and winning second place at Moscow Spring A Cappella Festival.

Here, we have 4 of the best acapella songs that show Maytree’s great harmony.


“What If”

“What If” is Maytree’s second new global single, written and composed by their longtime friend and respected German music composer Andrea Figallo. Though it is a somewhat thoughtful philosophical song, its soothing melody and catchy lyrics are brought to life with Maytree’s exceptional performance, offering a true stereo sound experience.


“Holding the End of This Night”

Maytree reinterpreted this song from Solid’s second full-length album The Magic of 8 Ball (1995). The cover was produced by Maytree with the help of the song’s original songwriter Kim Hyung Seok, who had first approached them after being completely blown away by their music. They reinterpreted the original song in a quite different style while keeping the same cool idea of parting with the loved ones with beautiful memories.


“Always in My Heart”

“Always in my heart” is the first soundtrack of the JTBC drama, The Light in Your Eyes (2019). Its exciting lyrics and cheerful melody were pleasantly accompanied by Maytree’s refreshing harmony.


“More than Love”

“More than love” is the second song in their 2015 single project. The lyrics saying, “The first time I saw you, I felt strange feelings. I didn’t know at that time but now I know that I am happy. I can’t tell when my heart first fluttered. I was looking for you before I knew it,” talks about the concept of love with its beautiful melody and poetic words.

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