Just Two Episodes into the Story, ‘Jirisan’ Reveals a Shocking Twist

Jirisan Shocking Twist
Jirisan Shocking Twist
Credit: tvN

tvN’s 15th-anniversary special drama Jirisan revealed the hidden twist after only two episodes.

On the 27th, a picture of Ju Ji Hoon lying in a hospital room and Jun Ji Hyun in a wheelchair was added to Jirisan‘s official website. The added description reads, “The man who loved the mountain more than anyone else but fell brain-dead in an unexpected accident becomes a ghost and wanders around the mountain. And a woman who tried to save people more than anyone else can no longer climb the mountain.”

It then continues, “Although they can’t see or meet each other anymore, with a special gift given to them by Mount Jiri, they start helping people in danger on the mountain once again. We want to draw the story of ranger Yi Kang and Hyun Jo, who risked their lives to protect the mountain and uncover the truth.”

Jirisan Shocking Twist
Credit: tvN

Updated versions of character introductions were also released.

“Yi Kang can no longer climb the mountain. Now, she has no choice but to sit in a wheelchair and look at the mountain.” (Seo Yi Kang played by Jun Ji Hyun)

“Hyun Jo got into an unexpected accident with Yi Kang while climbing the snow-covered mountain in search of a clue to the culprit. Now, he roams the mountain as a ghost. The only person who can save Hyun Jo from this nightmare is Yi Kang.” (Kang Hyun Jo played by Ju Ji Hoon)

“After Yi Kang, who now has a handicap, returns to the branch, she falls in love with Yi Kang’s abilities and charms. Now, she considered Yi Kang as her role model. When she is doing Yi Kang a favor, she runs into Hyun Jo, all covered in blood.” (Lee Da Won played by Go Min Si)

Jirisan Shocking Twist
Credit: tvN

Viewers responded enthusiastically to the change. These are some of the comments they wrote: “Something big is coming. Everyone, get ready.” “This is so unique. The male lead is a ghost?” “I knew Kim Eun Hee wouldn’t write something so mundane.”

Meanwhile, Jirisan airs every Saturday and Sunday at 9 PM KST.


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