4 Colorful Chemistries that Are Leading the Success of ‘One the Woman’

One the Woman
One the Woman
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While SBS’s One the Woman continues to be on a roll by resetting its own highest ratings for three weeks in a row, the colorful chemistries of various characters are considered one of the most attractive features. From heart-fluttering romance to mysterious chemistry, let’s take a deeper look into various relationships that add to the fun.


Jo Yeon Joo (Lee Hanee) & Han Seung Wook (Lee Sang Yoon): Heart-Fluttering Romance

Jo Yeon Joo and Han Seung Wook are getting closer and closer as their romance blossoms. Jo first thought of Han and said to herself, “If I think he’s cool, a slap in my face can wake me up. But if I start to feel pity for him, then it means it’s over.” Han also started to worry about Jo, who got injured and expressed his jealousy towards Ahn Yoo Joon (Lee Won Geun). Moreover, Han’s first love turned out to be Jo, not Kang Mi Na (Lee Hanee). However, the red light for their romance was turned on as Jo’s father was revealed to be the arsonist who killed Han’s father.


Jo Yeon Joo, Han Seung Wook & Noh Hak Tae (Kim Chang Wan): Teamwork

Jo Yeon Joo, Han Seung Wook, and Noh Hak Tae are the only ones who know that she is not Kang Mi Na. Together, they are showing off bickering chemistry as a team and receiving positive reviews. In particular, Noh, Jo’s secretary and Han’s father-like advocate, is actively engaging in the story. At the same time, he’s in charge of the comedy in the drama with his grumpy manners. Will these three, who are showing flawless chemistry, present fantastic teamwork in revealing the truth of the past?


Jo Yeon Joo & Ahn Yoo Joo: I’m Always on Your Side

Jo’s junior prosecutor Ahn Yoo Joo played a big role in helping Jo find her real identity. Furthermore, he said things like “You were never on my side, but I was always on your side,” and “I need to know how you feel in order to be on your side. What can I do to help you?” assisting Jo the best he can. He then had a tense moment with Han for Jo and revealed his feelings for her after he found out that Jo has a crush on Han.


Jo Yeon Joo & Kim Kyung Shin (Ye Soo Jung): Allies? Enemy?

Kim Kyung Shin raises the tension as a mysterious figure who is neither an ally nor an enemy of Jo. Kim stimulated viewers’ curiosity by taking an ambiguous stance on the “cold bean-soup noodles incident,” which she tested if Kang still has the nut allergy that she used to have. In episode 8, Jo was looking to find the culprit that broke her car break. To her, Kim asks an enigmatic question, “This world is not all about taking one’s side,” and informs her of the security camera in the parking lot that only she knows about. How will their mysterious relationship resolve?


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