‘The Penthouse 3’: Yoon Jong Hun Completes His Revenge But Leaves Viewers in Shock

The Penthouse 3
The Penthouse 3
Credit: SBS

In the latest episode of The Penthouse 3: War in Life, Yoon Jong Hoon completed his revenge, but his fate went south.

In it, Ha Yoon Chul (Yoon Jong Hoon) loses consciousness when Cheon Seo Jin finally snaps and starts throwing hands with him. Yoon Chul says, “It’s a shame I couldn’t kill you before Yoon Hee (Yu Jin) died,” to Seo Jin coldly, who had collapsed.

However, Yoon Chul’s face did not look particularly happy after completing his vengeance. Instead, he was concerned that Seo Jin’s downfall might affect his daughter Eun Byul (Choi Ye Bin). To him, Eun Byul says, “I just can’t abandon my own mother. Please forget your monstrous daughter,” and leaves Yoon Chul in complete shock.

And when Seo Jin, who had lost her memory, mistakes Bae Ro Na as her daughter Ha Eun Byeol. Cheon Seo Jin tries to go after Bae Ro Na, but Ha Yoon Cheol comes to save Bae. During the fight, both Ha and Bae fall from the stairs. And at the same time, Cheon falls from the stair as well, implying a high chance of death for both of them.

With the misery of the two, there are only three episodes ahead in The Penthouse 3 before the show comes to an end. Where will Ha Yoon Cheol’s fate be headed to?


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