‘Running Man’ Replaces Lee Kwang Soo’s Vacancy With Laughter

Running Man Lee Kwang Soo
Running Man Lee Kwang Soo
Credit: SBS

SBS Running Man replaced Lee Kwang Soo’s vacancy with laughter and filled the show with happiness.

Running Man, which aired on the 20th, remained at the top of the list with an average rating of 3.1% (based on Nielsen Korea) among the ‘2049 viewers,’ the main target of SBS. Also, they achieved the highest viewership per minute, peaked at 6.3 percent.

The last episode was about “The First Running Entertainment Club” race, drawing attention as each member appeared as a unique character. In particular, Yoo Jae Seok started to tease Lee Kwang Soo without him being there by setting “Kwang Soo is not a Fool” as his nickname. In addition, Yang Se Chan showed up with a “Gwang-jjang” doll and said, “he was a friend of mine, but I lost him.” Then, Yoo Jae Seok received an actual phone call from Lee Kwang Soo but immediately hung up the call, saying, “Kwang Soo, I’m at work. I’ll talk to you later.”

The second game, “The Gangster’s Dilemma,” took place on a glamorous set. The members loved the set, and Kim Jong Kook continued to tease Lee Kwang Soo. He said, “This is built with Lee Kwang Soo’s appearance fee.” He added, “Lee Kwang Soo stepped down, and we’ve got a nice set with a lot more space. Thank you,” getting laughter.


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