[Weekly Up & Down] Wheein Leaves RBW & K-Films Hoping to Recover Box Office

Mamamoo’s Wheein Chooses Not to Renew Her Contract

Credit: RBW

Wheein parted ways with RBW, but she will continue to promote as Mamamoo. On June 11th, RBW shared, “Mamamoo’s Wheein had in-depth discussions with the members and the company for a long time. But she decided not to renew her contract.” As a result, Wheein will be leaving RBW, but she will continue to be a member of Mamamoo. RBW continued, “All four members’ love for Mamaoo is still the same. So Wheein amicably signed an extension agreement for some activities, including Mamamoo’s new album and concerts, until December 2023.”


From Han Ye Seul to Choi Ji Woo, Revelations Are Getting Out of Control

Credit: iMBC, YG Entertainment

On June 9th, Han Ye Seul addressed all the rumors that former reporter Kim Yong Ho started. In the 22-minutes video, she prepared a pad full of notes about every single one of her current rumors. She candidly opened up about various rumors surrounding her, including her wealthy ex-boyfriend (Won Jin, the vice-chairman of DY Holdings), Teddy, Jennie, and her current boyfriend. Even after the actress posted the video, the YouTube channel “Garo Sero Institute” continue their revelations, releasing Han and her friends’ photos. On top of that, they even revealed Choi Ji Woo’s husband’s identity and his photos. When the public’s criticisms against the channel grew, the cast admitted that he had crossed the line in a live broadcast on the 10th. However, he then used “media’s mischief-making” as the excuse for his revelations.


Highly-Anticipated K-Films Announce Their Release

Credit: Lotte Entertainment, NEW

On June 8th, Lotte Entertainment announced the summer release of Escape from Mogadishu. On the following day, NEW confirmed the release of Hostage: Missing Celebrity, starring Hwang Jung Min, this summer. CJ ENM also joined the summer release lineup with � The Cursed: Again (literal title), the spinoff of tvN series The Cursed, and is coordinating details. Plus, Showbox confirmed the July commercial release of the Thai horror film The Medium that director Na Hong Jin took part in. The company is also looking into releasing director Kim Ji Hoon’s new film Sinkhole this summer. Megabox Plus M chose to keep an eye on the situation, while Little Big Pictures is also preparing for a summer release. Investment distributors had reservations about releasing movies this summer. But they have changed their mind thanks to theaters’ plans to support summer movies. Currently, there’s an overall mood in the industry that believes the success of summer movies will revitalize the box office. In addition, they thought of a realistic plan to kill two birds with one stone by receiving a subsidy. While overseas films such as Fast and Furious and Cruella are doing well, expectations are high on whether K-films will break out of the slump.


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