The Theme of ‘The Penthouse 3’ Will Be “Destruction”

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As expected, The Penthouse 3: War in Lifegot off to a good start. To celebrate this, The Penthouse 3 �dropped an interview with the show’s writer Kim Soon Ok, who brings thrill and surprise to the show every episode.

Q1. Season 1 surpassed the ratings of 30 percent. It’s the first time in 5 years for a scripted show to have such a record on a terrestrial network. �

It feels like a dream. I was criticized a lot in the beginning. I just prayed that I would at least will be able to finish the story. It’s all surreal to me. I’ll do my best to bringthe showtoasuccessfulconclusion.

Q2. What was the message you were trying to convey through the season 1 and 2?

Season 1 was about endless human greed, and season 2 was about karma. People feel miserable due to the things they don’t have, and that misery pushes them to sin.

Q3. What were your most memorable scenes in the season 1 and 2?

In the 20th episode of season 1, there was a scene where the members of the Little Hera Club escape from a van and cross the wastewater. Ma Ri’s narration was about a fantastic party at Hera Palace, but the characters on screen desperately tried to survive, diving into wastewater. And each of them wanted to go first.

About the second season, I remember having so much fun writing the scene where Shim Soo Ryun pretends to be Na Ae Gyo and get hit by Joo Dan Tae’s car. But Sim was actually stuck in the basement of a summer house and asked the police, “What day is it?”

Q4. The show made many new words such as ‘mala-flavored story,’ ‘crazy pace,’ and ‘Soon Ok license.’ �

‘Soon Ok license’ was probably born from the show’s lack of coherency. I admit that. Many incidents occur, and the characters get involved in new incidents suddenly. That can result in creating some confusion regarding how each character felt. Plus, some of them come back from death like zombies. These are the words fans came up with to defend the show’s flaws, so I’m grateful for them. I also feel embarrassed.

Q5. If you can explain the theme of season 3 in one word, what would it be?

It’s ‘destruction.’ One that makes people sin and the whole world get destroyed. But even in that awful situation, it opens up the new sky and earth come, and freshgreensproutsshootup from the cracks of broken rocks.

Q6. How do you want this series to be remembered?

I remember this one comment that reads, “I want to keep seeing how Cheon Seo Jin lives her life.” If viewers remain curious about how the characters live their lives, that will be the most rewarding and joyous thing to me.

Q7. Any last words?

I hope viewers wonder how the show will end. Some will get it right, and some won’t. But either way, I hope the ending brings us the thrill, even just for a moment.


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