Han Ye Seul Personally Addresses Various Scandals Surrounding Her Boyfriend and His Job

Han Ye Seul faced the various scandals surround her new boyfriend head-on.

Credit: The AtG

On June 2nd, Han took her Instagram to leave another lengthy letter regarding the ongoing rumors and allegations over her boyfriend. However, the people are showing two opposite reactions.

“I wanted to personally share what many people are worried about or are curious about. I wanted to tell everyone with my mouth,” Han wrote. “He was a theatre actor, and he did work at a Karaoke once. Many people may think that Karaoke and the host club are the same things, but I believe that Karaoke bar is somewhere with more open areas.”

She then added, “A few years ago, I met my current boyfriend after going to a place with an acquaintance. Then I felt the feeling of love for him last September. And that September, my boyfriend was no longer working that job.”

Credit: Han Ye Seul Instagram

Han also mentioned the Dispatch report. “I talked with him about the alleged victims that were reported through articles. After a long talk, I confirmed that those allegations are not true. I want to believe my boyfriend’s words over the rumors that I couldn’t see with my own eyes,” she wrote. “In my honest opinion, there is no high or low when it comes to occupation. And I wanted to be cherished as a woman and spent more time focusing on my feelings rather than my boyfriend’s background.”

The public reacted in two opposite ways. One side supported the actress, who came forward with something that could be embarrassing. These are some of the comments: “They like each other, so what’s the problem,” “This is so like Han Ye Seul. I’m so proud of her,” and “She’s so honest.”

On the other hand, many responded sharply. These are some of the comments: “So he was a male escort,” “An illegal entertainment bar? For real?” “No highs and lows in occupation… Does that work with him too?”


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