Han Ye Seul Frankly Opens Up About All the Rumors Raised Against Her

Han Ye Seul personally opened up about various rumors surrounding her, including her chaebol ex-boyfriend, Teddy, Jennie, and her current boyfriend.

Credit: Han Ye Seul YouTube

On June 9th, Han posted a new video titled “Let me tell you EVERYTHING” on her YouTube channel. In it, the actress addressed every single one of her current rumors. She even prepared a pad full of notes from watching the “Garo Sero Institute” video. “Really, I feel like all the weight is flying off of my shoulders now that I can clarify everything,” she opened up.

First, Han coolly admitted the “chaebol ex-boyfriend” rumor. “It’s true that I dated Won Jin, the vice-chairman of DY Holdings. I am sorry that your name was brought up because of me. And it’s also true that he gave me Ferrari as a gift. Is there something wrong with a boyfriend giving his girlfriend a car? Yes, I also boasted about it,” she said.

She then clarified rumors about her ex-boyfriend Teddy and Blackpink’s Jennie. She explained, “I truly loved him. But honestly, if two people date, they can break up. It’s a natural thing. Why do people always try to find a ‘problem’ behind it?” About Jennie being the reason she was dumped, Han responded, “That is absolutely not true. Again, I’ve never met her before.”

Afterward, Han brought up her current boyfriend, Ryu Seung Jae. “My boyfriend is not a Beastie Boy (referring to the film Beastie Boys about male escorts). I can’t forgive you for trampling on a man’s life with rumors and gossip. I revealed his face because I can guarantee his identity.”

Lastly, the actress vehemently denied rumors of her being the “Burning Sun Actress.” “I visited Burning Sun only once in Halloween costumes. I was behind the DJ box, not in the private room. Is that bad? Taking drugs there is insane. I can prove all this in court.”

Han heralded legal action against the malicious commenters and ake news. Then she finished her video, saying, “I will continue to talk about this without avoiding it. Please show me lots of support.”


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