Jeon Yeo Bin Shares that She’s Attracted to Beautiful Characters, Even If They’re Not Physically Pretty

Credit: Netflix

Jeon Yeo Bin is one of the great rising stars at this moment, without a doubt. She had proved her acting skills and became a big star by playing contrasting characters in the film Night in Paradise and tvN’s series Vincenzo.

Credit: Netflix

In Night in Paradise, released on Netflix on April 9th, She played Jae Yeon, who is at the edge of her life.

“Since I was a child, I have loved director Wong Kar Wai’s movies. I fantasize to be part of noir films in which the male characters shoot each other and share friendships. And I just dreamed, “Will I ever be in a movie like that?”

Jae Yeon, living in Jeju Island with her uncle, fears nothing.

“The key was to understand the psychological state of Jae Yeon. She has lost a lot and is not attached to life because she is terminally ill so, she has nothing to fear. However, in the meantime, she has a goal. That’s why she is good at shooting. She may not be a professional gunman because she has learned how to shoot from her uncle, yet she has quite a nice posture. I wanted to convey the unbalances of it.”

Jae Yeon is cynical in general but becomes active more than any other characters at crucial moments.

“If Jae Yeon were like the usual female character in noir, I wouldn’t have joined the movie. The last 10 minutes of the movie was the reason why I chose the character. I think the scene changed the movie’s texture and the formula.”

Credit: tvN

While Jae Yeon in Night of Paradise was a character who made full use of Jeon Yeo Bin’s distinct style of acting, Vincenzo‘s Hong Cha Young was a character who discovered her bouncy charms.

“On one hand, I had a good opportunity on Netflix with Night of Paradise. And on the other hand, Vincenzo gave me a chance to play Hong Cha Young. It was a perfect role. I also liked the people who I worked with. Especially, Song Joong Ki has always said, ‘Do not regret watching the show when it aires. Instead, you should do everything you want to do now.’ I was able to perform without fear, thanks to his advice. Also, I’m sending my gratitude to the director Kim Hee Won who let me play the character however I want.”

Since her debut in the movie The Treacherous (2015), Jeon Yeo Bin keeps providing an excellent filmography with a wide range of characters.

“I think all the roles I’ve played so far have their own beauty. They may not be physically attractive, but I felt the indescribable beauty in them. Since starting the acting career, I have always kept one thing in mind to try new things without fear when an opportunity comes. After living as a certain character for a certain period, there comes a moment when you have to let them go. So I do my best not to feel sorry for my work and the character.”

Meanwhile, Jeon Yeo Bin is preparing for the Netflix original series Glitch as her next film.


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