‘So I Married an Anti-Fan’ How Choi Sooyoung Turned into a Quirky but Lovely Anti-Fan

Credit: Godin Media

Choi Soo Young has completely transformed into a self-confident anti-fan.

In the Friday-Saturday series, So I Married an Anti-Fan, Choi plays magazine reporter Geun Young, the first anti-fan of the top star Hoo Joon (Choi Tae Joon). The actress enlivens the jolly plot with her impressive acting skills, going back and forth between romance and comedy.

Especially, her fierce passion has certainly caught the viewers’ attention. She was slapped by her boss for “instigating” her colleagues. Later, she even gets beat up by Hoo Joon’s fans in front of his agency.

Credit: Godin Media (capture)

Choi highlighted Lee Geun Young’s charms with her acting that covers both seriousness and comedy. For example, she proudly declares herself as Hoo Joon’s anti-fan in front of other reporters. And, she cries her eyes out when she realizes that her boyfriend was gay. Moreover, she gets fired from the company that she put her soul and efforts into for three years, adding depth to the role.

Her bouncy chemistry with Hwang Chansung and Kim Ha Kyung is also eye-catching. When JJ (Hwang Chansung) cheered Lee after she publically announced herself as Hoo Joon’s first anti-fan, attention was drawn to how their relationship will unfold. Her realistic friendship with Shin Mi Jung (Kim Ha Kyung) is another point that puts a smile on viewers’ faces.

As such, Choi Sooyoung is now permeating viewers’ hearts with her passionate and skillful acting. How far will she go as an actress?

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