‘Vincenzo’ Finale Achieves tvN’s 6th Highest Ratings, But Some Are Disappointed by the Plot

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In Vincenzo‘s finale, Song Joong Ki punished evil with evil. And the episode ranked 6th in tvN’s TV series rating history.

tvN’s weekend series Vincenzo aired its final episode on May 2nd. According to Nielsen Korea, this particular episode recorded 16.6% to 18.4% in the metropolitan areas and 14.6% to 16.2% nationwide. Not only is this the series’ best record, but it’s also tvN’s 6th-highest record.

Mafia Vincenzo (Song Joong Ki) punished villains in a villain’s way. As they faced Vincenzo’s fury, Jang Joon Woo (Ok Taec Yeon), Choi Myung Hee (Kim Yeo Jin), and Han Seung Hyuk (Jo Han Chul) all saw a horrible ending. A year later, there were still villains in the world who were worse than the mafia. Furthermore, Hong Cha Young (Jeon Yeo Been) fought with them in her own intense and persistent method.

Credit: tvN

Geumga Plaza tenants continued on their “normal” lives. The series ended in a perfect happy ending as Vincenzo, and Hong Cha Young confirmed their feelings with a sweet kiss.

However, some viewers are expressing their discomfort about Vincenzo‘s finale. One viewer wrote referring to the episode, “Some scenes were for R-rated movies, but they aired it without even a warning.”

He listed all the “violent” scenes in the episode, saying, “People were stabbed, the woman was set on fire, the guy’s heart was drilled while he was alive, then he was eaten alive by crows.” The writer then wrote that not only was this “out of Vincenzo’s character that the writer had built up the past 19 episodes” but also “overly violent.”

More people agreed to his post. Here are some of the comments: “It was thrilling.” “It was truly a mafia revenge.” “That was over the line.” “Just because they kill characters in a gruesome way, that doesn’t viewers are satisfied.” “That was dirty.” “The Vincenzo character collapsed.”


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  • LOL. People thought it needed a R rating? The whole season needed an R rating and they just complain about the finale? I would have liked Hong Cha and Vincenzo to end up together on their quiet island and getting married or something, but Korean dramas rarely have endings like that. I don’t know why.

  • Vincenzo was awesome series best part is song joong ki was perfect for mafia lawyer character even ok Taecyeon for villan character both made it like mafia member

  • It was what I expected ! They killed his mother , her father , his father and brother and tried to do them in! Sorry they had no mercy so !

  • I liked it. I think the ending was fitting. Come on, logically how could she justify a romance with a mafia king unless she became mafia herself. So, would tell those who didn’t like the ending SCRATCH YOUR MAD PLACE! It’s just a show!

  • Also, how is that a Vincenzo’s character? He way MAFIA . They are ruthless, relentless, And he only did them exactly what he said he would do so he was a man of his word. And don’t forget they killed his mother and the girls father and others without even blinking an eye. Ok Taecyeon’s character beach a politician to death with a hockey stick, killed his own father killed his own brother. Beat people up regularly and people say Vincenzo was out of line Vincenzo did not kill innocent people Vincenzo exacting revenge for innocent people. Do I agree with his methods? Yes only because it was a show not in real life what I ever agree to something like that people take the ending in context with the whole series. Vincenzo did exactly what he said he would do if nothing else he was a man of his word… Or mafia of his word

  • Loved the plot, true Mafia style and so it should be, masterful acting, and many agree here in Australia…we are used to realisations and that hit the spot WELL DONE

  • Viewers who are that shallow should not watch movies or a tv series! Which part of the finale was r-rated? They should know that it was a mafia plot si they should expect mafia style killings! How stupid can these viewers be!

  • Not really bad cause the 3 of them are super super bad their not Human they deserved that kind of punishment

  • I liked the finale of vincenzo, it was very thrilling and very mafia like…I would like to see a season 2 to see I vincenzo and the lawyer get together and vincenzo change from his mafia ways…well not all his mafia ways……I loved this drama and would like to see more.

  • Punishment equal to the villains evil deeds. I’ comfortable with the outcome

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