The Three Questions that ‘Law School’ Threw at Us From the Start

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JTBC’s Law School opened the door to campus mystery with its rampant development from the first week of broadcast.

The law school murder case that caused an uproar shows a sharp contrast with students who are in a fierce competition where the sound of breaking is perceived as noise. Like that, the series started its enthralling storytelling. In the meantime, we will cover the three questions that draw attention and raise immersion level.


Lee Man Ho has an alibi. But why is he still suspicious?

Credit: JTBC

Lee Man Ho (Jo Jae Ryong) is a child rapist who arose public anger when he was discharged from prison after only serving 11 years. The ankle bracelet was put on him to track his every move and prevent recidivism. But ironically, the bracelet became the perfect alibi that cleared him from Seo Byun Joo’s (Ahn Nae Sang) murder. The record showed him elsewhere at the time of the murder.

In the past, Lee covered up Seo’s hit-and-run accident. And in return, he made a deal to reduce his prison sentence. After he was released from prison, Lee got a job as Seo’s chauffeur. Since the investigation began, Yang Joong Hoon (Kim Myung Min) suspected him as a prime suspect. However, as Lee said, “I thought this shackle was a poison, but sometimes it works as medicine,” he proved his alibi thanks to the ankle bracelet. Yang personally put on the bracelet on his ankle to experience what’s it like and chased Lee’s movements before his arrest. Lee Man Ho has proven his innocence. But he constantly showed suspicious behavior, such as scratching his ankle till he bleeds.


Why did Seo Byung Joo donate his legacy?

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Seo was indicted on a bribery charge after receiving “free land” from Congressman Ko Hyung Soo (Jung Won Joong). Seo and Ko used to be close friends when Seo was still a director of the Prosecutors’ Office. Later, he was found not guilty of the case. Since he always said, “For prosecutors, gift equals bribe,” why he accepted the questionable gift remains a question.

Over time, the value of the land rose to 5.6 billion KRW (about $5,009,910). But Seo donated it to Hankook University Law School. Furthermore, he left some of his estates to his nephew Han Jun Hwi (Kim Bum), who had turned his back on Seo since the bribery case. Later on, Yang found Seo’s glasses nose pads near the teacher’s waiting room where the murder occurred. With that, he pegged Han as the suspect, saying, “It was you?” Attention focuses on the relationship between Seo and Han, who were once the closest uncle and nephew.


Seo Ji Ho’s mysterious folder

Credit: JTBC

Police said they would investigate the professor and six students who left their traces in the waiting room where Seo Byung Joo was murdered. Soon, Yang Jong Hoon and Han Jun Hwi were named prime suspects. However, the third man is still in the picture. Especially, Seo Ji Ho (Lee David), who tiptoed around the case, is suspicious.

From before the murder, Seo Ji Ho had paid keen attention to Seo Byung Hoo and Han Jun Hwi’s tight relationship and even collected photos of them. On the day of Yang’s arrest, however, he avoided the detectives and deleted the folder that he kept all the information in. He kept on a poker face while studying and stayed indifferent to the murder case. But his dubious actions double the mystery that has swept the campus.


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